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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's a small, small, world

Here we are one month into 2013 and I have a late resolution to make note of: to use my tiny purses and not let them sit and collect dust. You see, I have always been a fine purveyor of shoes, scarves and jewellery but my purse collection has never been as extensively curated. I blame this on my mother and the fact that until the age of 29.5 I lived under her roof and would "share" aka steal and borrow from her fine purse collection. By living with my mother I had steady access friends such as Fendi, Versace, Gucci, Dooney & Bourke and even the illusive Coccinelle (her's is also straight from Italy, purchased in Rome to boot!) 

I have never been one to spend my pay cheque on a new purse, because, lets get serious,  I would much rather invest in a new pair of shoes. On the rare occasion I found myself in the mood to purchase a purse I  have always gravitated towards evening clutches. For someone who hardly ever stays up past 8:30 PM this seems odd, and even more impractical if you factor in that I have to carry a large Marc Jacobs wallet, an entire cosmetics case, a pack of Tic Tacs and my epipen at all times (yes I'm an allergy nerd) For one, clutches are half the price of a full size purse, that leaves more room for shoes. Also, I like to live in denial and pretend that I will use that new clutch for a night out on the town, it is my motivation to get out and stay up late, even if that never does happen. So I find myself with this collection of tiny purses (13 to be exact) which I never use. 

I am determined to incorporate some of these small, impractical bags into my wardrobe. So I am going to choose 4 of my favs and make a point of using them over the next 4 weeks out and about and that means not at a club or a wedding. One bag a week seems fair enough, especially considering I am sweating just thinking about this. 

Here I will introduce the bags, and in the weeks to come I will post updates of my outfit + the bag. Wish me luck! 

Bag # 1: Moschino red leather and tan cloth 

Bag # 2: Furla maroon leather trapeze shape

Bag # 3: Brown leather See by Chloe  

Bag # 4: marc by marc jacobs pink faux ostrich 

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  1. ya you forgot the prada and lulu guiness and marc jacobs