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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Be Mine

If you follow me on Twitter then you already know that last night I was blessed with two new pairs of shoes (hubby strikes again, so spoiled, so excited to wear them in the Spring!) blue suede pumps from Marciano and a new pair of orange Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats to add to my collection. Although it is one week before Valentines Day these were NOT Valentines gifts, no no no we do not "do" Valentines as my husband would say. 

Although I don't celebrate the "holiday" I do enjoy embracing everything that comes with it. From heart shaped chocolates, red and pink nails (I already had those last week in honour of VDay), pink glitter and of course....gifts. If I were to do Valentines I would have a wish list that includes the following items....and P.S to all you men out there, us women will no longer accept your sad excuse that you "didn't know what to get us" we all "Pin" and therefore all you have to do is get off your cute bum and check out our Pinterest page, where I am certain you will find at least 5,000 gift ideas for us. (Ladies, you're welcome) 

1. Fancy Pink Nail Polish - Listen, I refuse to wear pink on my body but I love pink on my nails and more so on my toes. My top picks are Illamasqua in Collide & YSL in 9 Fuchsia Intemporel.  
You can find them both at Sephora or on the Canadian site. 

2. Joe Malone Scented Candle - To set the mood of course. Pick one, any one will do . I like Pomegranate Noir. 
Joe Malone Pomegranate Noir Scented Candle 

3. Hudson Bay Classic Blanket - To stay cozy while you play a movie of her choice - The Notebook works perfectly fine for me. 
4. SHOES! Let me suggest these pink  Manolo Blahnik butterfly print pumps. My husband made a HUGE mistake of begging me to try these on the other day, now I cant stop thinking about them and desperately need them in my life aside from how IMPRACTICAL they are they are fabulous. 

Available at Davids Footwear Toronto
* They even come in this gorgeous watercolour pattern 

I hope everyone whether you celebrate or not, has a lovely Valentines Day. And if you're absolutely, positively, sincerely against Valentines Day then at the very least you could pick up this t-shirt for your lady, or man, it shows that you care enough to not care ;) 


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