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Monday, February 18, 2013

Keeping It Fresh

How Canadian label Joe keeps it FRESH.....see what I did there? 

If you're looking for affordable and stylish digs under $100 then look no further then Joe Fresh. Joe Mimran, co-founder of Club Monaco, and the name behind Alfred Sung has given us a stylish and affordable apparel and accessories collection that includes adult and children's wear, shoes, handbags, jewellery, beauty products and bath items. The collection, which is now available at over 300 Canadian supermarkets, in addition to a number of stand-alone locations has proven a staple in my own wardrobe, I even got hubby hooked on their thin knit sweaters. 

While JOE may not be Chanel or Versace it is still a perfectly acceptable staple in my world. That may have something to do with the fact that I cant afford neither Chanel nor Versace, but anywho, moving along. It is nearly impossible for me to walk out of a Joe store without a purchase in hand, mainly because of the great price point, but notably because of the super cute collection. I must own over two dozen of their thin long sleeve t-shirts; they are a fav of mine because I can wear them under anything, or alone with some accessories to fancy the look up. 

While Joe Fresh has been around for several years, In 2010, they moved beyond the supermarket aisle with the opening of their first stand-alone store, in down town Vancouver.  For you Americans, Joe's new international flagship headquarters is located on Fifth Avenue and 43rd Street, and opened in 2012. If you don't already know Joe Fresh than I suggest you check it out. Their website is just as fresh and cute as the collection, and can give you a sneak peak of what's in store this season. 

This spring Joe is offering lots of pretty pastels, floral prints, geometric prints and stripes and gingham in every colour! Some of my fav's are below...

What's very interesting is my most recent Joe purchases have been easily confused for higher end designer items. Every time I wear the bib necklace pictured below someone asks me if its  Marni. I find the quality of the knits and dress shirts to be quite good. Meanwhile some of the long sleeve t's in my personal collection have been around for 2.5 years and are still kickin after hundreds of washes. 


  1. I love Joe! One of my favorite bands for sure, I grocery shop at Superstore just for Joe :)


  2. I get a kick out of the huge flagship in NYC...when Joe Fresh is usually found in a cart alongside my oatmeal and eggs! It's great that they've made the transition into more traditional clothing retail -