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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Round Up: Feb 15 2013

Happy Friday everyone, today I am introducing a new post which I'm calling "The Round Up".  I have noticed that lately my life has become a series of lists. Groceries, to-do's, not-to-do's, items I need to budget up for, and detailed lists of things I constantly need to purchase for our dogs. In the midst of all of the action-item related lists I have been craving some motivation, something to keep the juices flowing throughout the week. So I set out to write down a top 5 list of "stuff" that made me happy over the past week. That list is a bit too private to share, so I tailored one to share with everyone in the blogosphere.

My list, which I will share with you every Friday will be a Top 3, to keep it light and because you have better things to do on Friday's. 

So here goes, if you like anything you see here you can find shopping information after each photo. And p.s writing your own "Makes Me Happy" list every week truly is an invigorating exercise. Sometimes we get too bogged down by stress that we allow the negative to weight us down and over power all that we have to be thankful for in our lives. So I encourage everyone to try it for yourself as a positive weekly reminder. If all else fails don't be afraid to try out the powers of yoga. 

1. Kate Spade "Lisa" Pumps - As introduced via my Twitter earlier this week my hubby surprised me with these pumps from Davids Footwear
2. Quinn Popcorn - I have become utterly obsessed with Quinn Popcorn. Only two weeks ago I discovered their Vermont Maple & Sea Salt microwave popcorn and ever since I have been living off the stuff. The flavour is like nothing I have ever tasted before in popcorn, not to mention it is organic, GMO and preservative free, uses expeller pressed oil packed with Omega 3's, heck the BAG is even compostable, and pressed to make it grease proof. This stuff is amazing!
OBVIOUSLY I follow them on Facebook, this pic is from their page, Check em out :)
3. Casual Friday - I work in a fairly conservative office with engineers, all week long I usually wear black, grey, white, more black, and circulate dress pants and turtle necks for a look that's less then appealing. Come Friday I always use the dress-down Friday excuse to wear fun prints and colourful jeans. I have been Tweeting a pic of my version of "animal" print, which always means actual animals, not spots, or stripes, but literally images of animals on my clothing. Sigh..I will never grow up. Today I am sporting this Zara blouse with little owl friends on it. 
Zara Owl Blouse no longer available, but similar here from Anthropologie

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  1. Those Kate Spade pumps and that Zara blouse are so, SO adorable! I can't get over them! :)