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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding (Planning) Season: Bride Edition

It may not be wedding season just yet, but it is in fact wedding planning season! 
If you read the title of this post and broke out in a cold sweat then just take a deep breathe and sit down before you read on. I have always felt that "wedding season" (which by the way is more like 3 seasons with the ever increasing interest in fall and winter weddings) is actually the highlight of my year! Last year I was a bride and also had the pleasure of planning one of my best friends weddings which is taking place this Spring. This year another bestie is now engaged, and her wedding is also this summer. I feel like I have been wedding planning for a living these days, as soon as my wedding was done with I had two more to kick into high gear. But am I complaining? No! Its called multi-tasking! 

My experiences over the past few years have inspired me to create a new series on my blog about what else but wedding season! Today's post will be about the bride, cause lets face it, its all about her isn't it? 

My take on wedding planning is to above everything just be yourself. I don't think your wedding day is the right time to try to transform into something you're not, you want your groom to recognize you when you walk down the aisle right? I took this to heart when planning my wedding and the first thing I thought of was developing my own look for the big day. I went far from traditional with everything except for my dress because I wanted to reflect my personal style which I could say is a mixture of trendy, polished, conservative and quirky. 

I cant find a better way to express my feelings on this then with a visual, so here are some pics from my own wedding. I hope they inspire you to get your butt in gear and plan your dream wedding. FYI, my wedding photos were taken by the lovely Laura May, you may have seen some of her other work around my blog because she is my go-to for everything photography related. She is just splendid, and my wedding pics are proof of her immense talent. 

Yeah, my nails were purple on my wedding day, and one finger was covered in glitter because that's just who I am. 

White wedding shoes? Not for this girl, mine were purple velvet!

My wedding band is blue sapphire, not diamond. 

My lips were a bright red matte. I wore "Lady Danger" from M.A.C

I carried a lavender clutch, inside was a picture of my great grandmother & me circa 1986

Just as a side note; dogs were welcome on the day of the wedding, we had mine and my brother's chillin with us at my house before the ceremony, and our pup attended our outdoor ceremony, I joke that she was our flower girl ;) 

My best advice is to skip tradition when it comes to your styling. I am all for tradition dont get me wrong, hubby and I incorporated many traditional elements into our wedding. None of which were translated into our outfits, the theme, or what our bridal party wore. Stuff like hair, make-up, nails, the gown; I believe this is where you should have fun. Leave tradition for the ceremony, father-daughter dance and family speeches. 


  1. Your wedding sounds like it was stunning. Love your nails the lipstick is great.

    Ali of


  2. Ooh love your nails! Cool idea to have one nail different :) and gorgeous make-up look
    Lovely shoes as well :D
    My wedding day won't be around yet for a few years but I love to take on good advice early, and I like how you really made it your own special day by not going too traditional.