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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wedding (Planning) Season: Bridesmaid Edition

If that fugly bridesmaid dress your "friend" made you wear has you down in the dumps you may want to read this...

Still searching for answers as to why your last bridesmaid experience turned out similar to the above photo? Read on, I think I may have found your answer. 

I recently stumbled upon this article from Huffington Post about a bride who admitted to choosing ugly bridesmaid dresses in an attempt to make herself look better on her wedding day. Okay, we have all suspected that bridezilla's do this from time to time, but this chick actually admitted to it. While she remained anonymous by having her face blurred out in the interview she did reveal the dress that she forced her bridesmaids into. The red frock, which looked like it had been made out of wrapping paper was ill fitting and cheap, all qualities the bride admitted she had schemed for when choosing a dress.  When I hear of horror stories like this I wonder if this girl ever considered how hideous her wedding pictures will turn out? Furthermore, either all her friends must already married or she is one brave chick, cause I wouldn't be surprised if one of her bridesmaids sought out retribution when it was their turn to get hitched. 

I said YES to a bridesmaid dress this weekend, second time this year, third time ever. While I can’t say that 3 times as a bridesmaid is enough to make me an authority on the topic I was also a bride and had my own bridesmaids, five of them to be exact. I am lucky enough to say that I have yet to experience anything remotely as dire as the above picture. My experience as a bridesmaid has been a positive one thus far, and therefore I tried my best to repay the favour when I planned my own wedding last year. 

As a bride I recognized that everyone has a different body shape, size and not to mention taste in fashion. While I had a theme and an idea of what I wanted the girls to wear I couldn't bring myself to force them to wear a particular dress. My solution was to lay don’t three simple rules and then have them chose whatever they wanted. The “rules” were 1. It has to be floor length 2. Chiffon material only 3. Any shade of purple. Simple enough! I believe, and I truly hope that my girls all ended up wearing something they really liked, after all they are important to me and I wanted them to be happy. I will never understand how ugly bridesmaid dresses = better looking bride. The reality is that an ugly bridesmaid dress choice = a bride with bad taste, and no respect for her so-called "best friends" and "closest family". 

Since it is no longer 1984 and the dresses pictured above are no longer available for sale (at least I hope they aren't) there should be no reason for brides to commit such fashion atrocities. There are SO many options today. Since I'm on the topic I will just throw out some of the best I have encountered over the past few years. 

Jim Hjelm Occasions

LOVE by Enzoani

Those were just off the top of my head in under 5 minutes, there are many more lines that carry pretty, affordable dresses that can possibly even be worn again. Perhaps moving forward us girls can avoid showing up to our best friends wedding looking like a half eaten cupcake. 

If you've been subjected to a big frilly Pepto Bismol dress in the past please share your experience with us. Think of me as your free therapist, it may help you get over the horrifying experience. Or at the very least we can laugh about it together :) 

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