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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Round Up: April 19 2013

Its my birthday I can shop on-line if I want to

Yesterday was my younger brother's birthday, while I spent the day celebrating (cursing) the day he came into this world and stole my thunder by destroying my only child status, I was also reminded that my own date of birth is not too far away. Reminded mainly because when I called him to wish him a happy bday he proceeded to taunt me and count down the days until my big 3-0. Five days to be exact...
Instead of saying I'm 30 I think I would like something like the above image. Minus the creepy dude with the moustache, I don't think my husband would appreciate the way he's staring at my....cake...

Anyway, every year I buy myself a birthday gift, its a tradition that began when I was single and would buy myself a Valentines gift, that seemed a bit pathetic so I switched to buying my own bday gift, cause you know that's a whole lot less sad. Married, single, dating, whatever, I now firmly believe everyone should buy them self an awesome bday gift. 

Today's round up is a list of my top 3 gift options. All from net-a-porter because I have a wish list as long as Yonge Street, (a lil Toronto reference for us Canadians) and because I adore on-line shopping. Take a look and feel free to let me know which one you think I should get for myself. I appreciate your suggestions and feel free to include your top wrinkle cream picks while your at it. 

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs sandals: four different colours of suede, not too high, they look comfy enough, and super cute. these sandals are top contenders.  
marc by marc jacobs sandals
2. Alexander McQueen leather bracelet: I have wanted this lil wrap bracelet for quite some time, its the type of accessory I could wear every day with my gold watch. Slightly pricey for just a rope of leather but it is McQueen...sooooo that makes it OK right? 
alexander mcqueen bracelet
3. M Missoni raffia clutch : And here she is, my latest obsession. I am so in love with this purse, I am also so aware of how impracticable it is. Colourful, tiny, raffia stripped purse, get out of my head and my dreams will you?!? 
m missoni
So there they are, sadly I cannot buy all three. To anyone else celebrating their birthday this weekend or next week have a splendid time and happy birthday to you! xox


  1. Happy Birthday!!
    I'm turning 30 in a year, and 29 is just as scary lol
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday Jennifer!


  3. Belated happy b'day :)