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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Game Changers: At the Office

Have you ever gotten dressed on a Monday morning in a zombie state, into what you knew was a lame outfit, yet you had no ambition to dedicate any brain cells towards finding something creative to wear to your office job?

Have you also ever noticed how sometimes my intro’s sound a bit, or a lot, like a cheesy infomercial?

Well, look no further! Because today we are going to discuss how to get out of your office wardrobe funk! No gimmicks or easy payment of $9.99 necessary, just my suggestion to incorporate a few GAME CHANGERS into your daily wardrobe.

I know working in an office can mean day after day of boring outfits. But I believe that’s only if you allow that to happen. I get it, we can’t exactly change up our work attire too drastically, and some of us office dwellers can’t even wear carpi’s or expose our forearms in our office. So, without breaking any of these corporate rules I like to style my work outfits in a way that still expresses my love for fashion but doesn’t get me fired. This doesn’t mean wearing shorts to work (although I wish I could). It means incorporating a few game changers into the mix.

What is a game changer you ask? It could mean something different to everyone, depending on your style. If you dress to the nines every single day a game changer for you will be a whole lot more drastic than someone whose staples include Brooks Brothers khaki’s and no-iron button downs.

Here are some examples of what I believe are true GAME CHANGERS for any office wardrobe.

These Michael Kors suede pumps are gorgeous. I spotted them in person yesterday and fell instantly in love (we are getting into pre-fall here people, and I have been scoping out the goods so be prepared to hear a lot more about this season in the upcoming weeks). Michael Kors Delphine SuedePumps
Michael kors pumps

The small detail of the gold buckle and the bow can do wonders for your black skirt + sensible dress shirt combo. A true game changer would be to skip black and try the beige or the pink pair, are you brave enough? You can also try something like THIS…
Michael kors pumps

But why not take it a lil further?

Instead of a white button down (don’t get me wrong a nice crisp white dress shirt can be super sexy) substitute for a patterned silk blouse. My roomie from law school, who is now a practicing lawyer, told me she wears a sheer top sometimes to work. Under a jacket and with a camisole underneath no doubt, but regardless, even she doesn't restrict herself to boring-ass office attire.     Rachel Zoe sheer blouse
sheer blouse
sheer blouse
I LOVE my classic black blazer. I love it so much in fact “it” doesn't really apply, it’s more like “them”, I have an intimidating army of black drone blazers that all look the same, and I wear then constantly. A week does not go by in which I don't wear a black blazer at least 3 times, and admitting that makes me sad. There is actually no rule that says you must wear a boring black jacket every day of your life if you work in an office. Now that you know that, let’s explore your options. Starting with this navy stitched lapel jacket by Band of Outsiders. 
navy blazer
See now refreshing that is? The ultimate summer jacket is of course the white structured blazer, have you thought to wear yours to work? Lis Jacket by Robert Rodriguez. 

white blazer
white blazer
OK, so now that you get the point, I would love for you to participate in my lil Instagram experiment. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed yesterday I posted a pic of MY game changers at the office, my leopard print pony hair Louboutin espadrilles. I encourage you to do the same, just add the hashtags #gamechanger and #nothingtowearblog so I can check out what you've posted. Follow me on Instagram @jennynov23 

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