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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Round Up: July 12, 2013

Two weeks ago in my round up I discussed the many citrus patterns that have been in bloom over the past few seasons.  It had me thinking long and hard about patterns (trust me I can fixate on these sorts of things).

I ended up making a list of my favorite “Print Masters”. You may have a similar list, because these designers are famous for colorful, creative and all around mind blowing prints.

I love patterns so much that if I could only wear 1 of these designers head to toe, for the rest of my life I would be perfectly content. Of course if I were told I could get my hands on ANY of these designers without having to sell my spleen I would be even more content.

My list includes: DVF, Missoni, Etro, Versace, Pucci, BCBG and Moschino.

Personally, I believe that prints are much easier to incorporate into your wardrobe than you may imagine. For some, the idea of wearing prints evokes images that belong in the “What not to wear” section of a magazine. But if worn correctly prints can easily become your new best friend. My apologies to your current best friend who may feel suddenly left out.

My advice is to choose patterns or prints that can be paired with neutral color items or with black. Trying to pair a tropical print with a bright yellow items is for the pros, start off simple with something like a pastel print knit with pair of white pants for the summer.

Check out today’s round up for more examples’, and as always have a fantabulous weekend!

1. Missoni: sigh…..I could get lost in a sea of Missoni, every piece is so fresh and whimsical, romantic and yet mature at the same time. There’s just something about a good knit that makes me really happy. And nobody does printed knits better than Missoni.

(P.S... some pre-fall comin your way) Missoni Stripped wool-blend sweater
missoni sweater pre-fall knit wool
Not ready for a full out investment? Try a head band or a scarf. Missoni Wave Print Headband  from Shopbop.
missoni headband knit fall wool
I love this zigzag pattern scarf. Missoni Zigzag Stole. Missoni Zigzag Stole.
missoni scarf pink knit wool stole
2. DVF: when you think of "classic prints" I hope one of the designers that comes to mind is Diane von Furstenberg! Her patterned wrap dress is absolutely classic for a reason, well for many reasons, but one of my personal reasons for why they are all timeless is the bold geometrical print in a primary color. Have you noticed DFV’s use of yellow, red and blue? She throws in green, pink and black and white quite often but doesn't go reinventing the color wheel.

I absolutely love this dress! DVF "Jessica" Dress

dvf dress print floral

Annnnd this dress. DVF "Ruri" Dress
vf dress

Of course there is always her classic wrap dress. Trust me you absolutly cannot go wrong with a DVF wrap dress.  DVF New Julian Printed Silk Wrap Dress 
dvf dress
3. Versace: its impossible to mistake a Versace print for anything else. The color palette usually involves some sort of florescent pink, bright sky blue or the traditional leopard print. Of course with the addition of  beautifully detailed gold buttons. 

Are you brave enough to wear Versace? You may already know this, but I have a fashion rule (one of my many) the only time it is acceptable to wear a hiked up hemline with a shirt revealing enough for a fashion malfunction (a Janet Jackson moment as Bestie and I call it) is if you're wearing Versace. If you're going to be bold, go all out, but please do it with Italian couture. 

Oh I would really love to get my hands on this vest, I can keep dreaming. Versace Music Print Vest
versace vest
And here we have a pair of pants, if you know me, you know with certainty that I would wear these to the grocery store. Versace Vintage Floral Skinny Pants
versace pants
I will admit that the Versace print is not the easiest to digest. To say its bold is an understatement. It takes a bit of bravery to don the two items I posted above. So if you're a print virgin why not try out a bikini? Versace Printed Triangle Bikini 
versace bikini

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  1. These are so great! I love that Missoni sweater, I've been dying for one of their scarves.