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Thursday, August 8, 2013

To Buy Or Not To Buy

For the past few months I have been obsessing over summer leather. It all started when I laid eyes on a blush colored perforated leather shirt from our friends at BCBG, then there was the stunning beige perforated skater skirt from Anthropologie.  If you haven’t already noticed this past season, leather is not going anywhere, be it faux, leatherette or the real stuff, the trend is going strong and is being carried over into the fall/winter collections.

Not just for keeping you toasty any more, leather is in my opinion, a really versatile addition to any outfit. My favorite is the contrast between a leather skirt and a flowy silk blouse, hello DVF fall collection anyone? Also, the new colored leathers are really wearable, if you want to avoid that “biker” look than stay away from black and pick up a piece in blush, gray or even a bright orange.

In my search for the perfect fall transition leather piece I have found so many sweet leather items, in many different price ranges.

This of course brings us to the age old dilemma; to buy or not to buy?

vegan leather
We kick off this edition with the SPLURGE item. The faux/vegan version by Anthropologie.  Maybe because it’s styled with that AWESOME necklace, or because the back is actually cotton so you don’t sweat your t*ts off, it seems to be the perfect top, I know I say this a lot but; I actually NEED this shirt in my life! 
vegan leather
Also, Anthro claims vegan leather is becoming one of their go-to fabrics, so I’m on board. I am a huge fan of anything Anthropologie has on its shelves, the quality is always great and the designs are unique and not over saturated in the market by other designers, so you don’t see that item you invest in on everyone else the next weekend. Sculpted Katia Top - Anthropologie

This top comes in at $98 US (before taxes)

faux leather
VS the SALE item, this sexy perforated faux leather shirt from Zara. Currently on sale it comes in at $29.99 ( before taxes).  It is basically just a shell, it doesn’t have a zipper, its 100% polyester, but it is such a  cute perforated pattern and in an off white which can be worn so many different ways. 
faux leather

 It has the same boxy cut as the Anthro version but with different details. Its the same, but different  figure that one out. Cut-out Faux Leather Top  - Zara

So what do you think? Would you SPLURGE or SAVE when looking for a cool new piece of summer leather? Let me know and please feel free to share any other great finds of yours in the leather category. 

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  1. I like the color of the Anthro version, but for the price I bet you can find something similar for a sale price later. The Zara one is very pretty and detailed, I'd pick the Zara one just because it's so beautiful looking!!!

    from likkie,