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Monday, October 7, 2013

Spring 2014 Fashion Week Review

spring 2014 fashion week
Just in case you couldn't make it to NYC, London, Milan or Paris (oh you poor thing)...

Last week marked the end of fashion week worldwide with Hermes closing out the shows in Paris. If you're me, then you didn't make it to any of the shows (didn't make it slash wasn't invited, slash didn't even have a flight booked, whatever...). That doesn't mean you should be deprived of all the fantastic fashion that came down the runway over the past month.  

Lucky for you I watched the live stream whenever I could, and kept up via Twitter, Instagram, and by following my favorite bloggers and magazine editors. Below is the product of all that stalking. With a little (a lot) of help from The New York Times with the imagery portion. 

First, some notable highlights....

NYC was hit with a heat wave yet the fashionable crowds were not daunted, they stepped out in their thigh high suede boots and leather pants regardless of the fact that sweat was most definitely dripping down their backs. Meanwhile Alexander Wang seemed to have been thinking clearly as he sent pajama clad models down the runway proving that clothing was optional when the heat is on.
alexander wang fashion week
Thom Browne made everyone wait.....then sent nurses out to revive his half dead guests. Having waited over half an hour for the show to start some impatient guests even left, but those who stayed were rewarded greatly with the spectacle that is Thom Browne. The collection was displayed from the standpoint of mental patients and nurses...seriously. Nude mannequins hung from the ceiling above the guests and LOUD ass music was blaring, then there was the waiting. Thom truly wanted his guests to feel like they had....gone mad...
thom browne fashion week
Meanwhile back at the crazy ranch Cara was missing entirely from NYC fashion week. Apparently she was filming a movie somewhere, but if I could be honest, I didn't really miss her. Not that I don't think she's beautiful, but enough already with Cara fever for the sake of this girl's career she needs to be scarce a bit more often, she's in our face so much we are bound to get sick of her much too quickly. Also, I am getting a bit bored of the facial contorting she is known for....P.S I adore her sister Poppy, just throwing that out there. 
cara not at fashion week
If you haven't already heard about how Rick Owens stole fashion week with his stunning display of ethnic and body type diversity then check this out. The clothes were great but the dance moves were even better. The models danced, stomped and beat their chests to a 15 minute choreographed dance. Everyone was left with their mouths open and the discussion about whether there is enough diversity in the fashion world was revived, but this time with a shining positive example. 
rick ownens
In Milan...ahhhh Milano, Moschino celebrated 30 years in the industry with a beautiful tribute to the late Franco Moschino and a retrospective showing of some past "classic" designs. The current collection was displayed stunningly and with such creative flair, the looks and the models were paired up as "good girl vs bad girl" contrasting light and dark in each look that was sent down the runway. Since Moschino is already one of my all time favorite brands this show was a major highlight for me. 
moschino 30 anniversary
Last but not least, Marc Jacobs announced his departure as Creative Director for Louis Vuitton.  After 16 years and having turned Louis from a luggage company into one of the most coveted brands in the fashion world Jacobs stepped down to focus on his private label with the hopes of going public in the future. 
marc jacobs
My favorite collections: Saint Laurent, Prada, Peter Pilotto and Preen. 
Saint Laurent
Peter Pilotto

So what do you think? Which collection was your fav? Which trend do you see yourself adopting come Spring 2014? 

P.S if you care to shop the runway, you can do so here with a lil help from Moda Operandi. The Spring/Summer 2014 collections that just went down the runways are currently available for pre-order. Check it out! 

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