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Monday, December 2, 2013

Just Add Tinsel!


 Hey there, welcome back. Did you survive Thanksgiving and Black Friday? 

I really hope so, and if not its kinda weird that a ghost is reading my blog right now.

Either way, its time to discuss dressing for the holidays

Kotur Margo Tinsel Clutch from Net-a-Porter

It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that I would LOVE to get my hands on the tinsel-tastic clutch pictured above. Before you judge me, let me ask you, have you ever worn a Christmas sweater? If yes than suck it. If no, you may proceed to judge.

Typically my own brand of Christmas cheer comes in the form of selectively curated designer accessories, with just a hint of sparkle or red and green, but this year I think I may try my hand at the holiday sweater trend. 

The only thing about holiday sweaters, or tinsel clutches for that matter, is that their life span is very short. I cant see myself toting around this Charlotte Olympia Gingerbread Man clutch in mid July. 

In fact I believe that even before your Christmas dinner is digested the allure of these really kitschy novelty pieces would have worn off. 

If you're careful in selecting your holiday sweater; avoid Christmas trees and look for simple patterns, your sweater  can have a bit of a longer shelf life. After all winter lasts several months and you can always re-ware yours to a cool ski lodge, on casual Friday, at home if your heat happens to break down and you find yourself chilly. Whatever, if you don't want to wear it after Christmas you can always donate it to Goodwill.

If you're still sweater-less don't panic, you have 23 days to find one, and the good news is they are EVERYWHERE this season. 

The first ones to catch my eye came care of J.Crew. They have several really cute designs, in  lambswool, cashmere, turtleneck, jacquard, knit, you name it. And you can follow my above rule (no reindeer) or you can go full out reindeer nutso if your heart desires.
holiday sweater
Vintage Holiday Sweater from J.Crew. I have to admit I would wear this one. Even the model seems to be thinking "Holy crap I look good in this reindeer sweater." Here's another great sweater, and I think this can be re-worn right until the end of winter (so June if you're in Canada). Lambswool Tassel Sweater

holiday sweater
But wait...there's more!!

Why not try your hand at DIY? All you have to do is pick up a cute, affordable sweater like this one from Joe Fresh and just add tinsel!

I swear, if I wasn't certain my dogs would eat the tinsel I would try my hand at this creative project. 

You can also get extra creative and sew on tiny pom pom's, easy to find at any craft store. And if you use a simple stitch and not a sewing machine they will be pretty easy to remove and you can re-ware the sweater again. Nobody will know you geeked out on Christmas with that very sweater you pair with black dress pants at work. 

So are you feeling festive yet? Tell me, do you plan on investing in a holiday sweater this year? Or perhaps you have your own DIY story from past holidays. Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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