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Friday, January 3, 2014

Hat Head

wide brim hat

If you're uneasy about trying out one of this seasons hottest fashion trends not to worry.

Today Nothing 2 Wear will be your guinea pig as we discuss wearing wide brimmed fedoras in winter.

Trust me, its a lot more exciting than it seems.

Are you sick of that damn beanie hat trend yet? If you have any sense in your head but also want to keep said head warm this winter I suggest you find a more fashionable alternative. 

This was the first world predicament I found myself in at the start of this winter. Clearly my pride was way more important than my warmth, which is why I refused to put a beanie on this head of mine. Once frost bite set in and I realized I needed to find an alternative because duh I live in Canada eh I happened to stumble upon this blue felt wide brimmed fedora at Anthropologie. 

Anthropologie hat
You can spot these hats on everyone these days. On models, in magazines, on bloggers posing sheepishly in street style pics. But do you actually know anyone who wears one, like on a daily basis? Do you actually believe they are a practical addition to a winter wardrobe? 

I wasn't exactly a believer right off the bat. Perhaps because of what happened when I purchased the hat and showed it off to my husband. He stared at me long and hard and when he finally spoke he said "Oh look at your fancy hat" in a faux British accent. So the first impression I was given of my newest purchase was that I looked like an uppity British twat. Not exactly the look I was going for.

I hesitated wearing the hat for two weeks. Then on one faithful day I felt a burst of confidence come over me and decided to take her for a spin. I uneventfully wore the hat to a friends house to drop off our dogs for dog sitting (garnered no reaction from our friends wife) so I thought I was in the clear. Then the fun really started. I checked into our hotel for the night and the lady at the front desk basically flat out hated my guts from the moment I approached her. Our room's were not ready and based on what he said to me we would be sleeping outside in the cold that evening. I walked away from the desk, took my hat off and regrouped. When I reproached the bitch fine young lady I was greeted with a huge smile and a quirky "Hello, welcome, how may I help you?" 

She didn't even recognize me, asking me for my I.D even thought I was LITERALLY there 3.5 minuets prior. I was flabbergasted. (P.S I hate that adjective but its truly how I felt). 

I decided to wear the hat around the hotel for a while, just to further test the waters. As it turns out my younger brother hated the hat, my mother thought I was mental and my niece almost cried when she first saw it.

2014 trends

As the holiday's rolled on I decided to get more use out of the hat. I drove a very short distance in it only to realize that it is a definite traffic hazard. It creates the WORST blind spot. 

I then wore it for a coffee date with a friend on a windy day and almost lost the damn thing to gusts of wind three or four times.

The up side is that the hat covers many a bad hair day. But the downside is that a hat of this magnitude is strictly for outdoor activities. Once indoors its way too large and cumbersome to keep on your head. Unless scalp sweat is your thing.  You cant exactly put it in your purse and walking around holding a big hat is way more awkward than sweating while indoors wearing a big hat. 


The more I wore the hat the more I realized its value. Not as a warm winter accessory (it barely keeps only the top of your head warm while your ears freeze off) but as a fashion pick-me-up. 

Feeling down? Throw on the hat. Want to spruce up an outfit? Throw on the hat. Want to act like a pretentious twat? Throw on the hat. Going for a hike and want to stay warm? Throw on the ha....Ahh!! GOTCHA! You should definitely wear a much warmer accessory if you're going to experience prolonged exposure to the elements. 

So before you try one on for yourself you have to ask yourself if you're ready to commit to a trend that has absolutely no practical purpose and furthermore acts as a man repellant, bitch attractor, and vehicular manslaughter charge just waiting to happen. 

For me the answer is clear. Vive le hat. Or rather "Look at my lovely big hat" (said in a proper London accent).

Would you buy yourself a wide brimmed fedora for the winter?

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