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Monday, February 24, 2014

Today's Perfect Spring Accessories + Jewelry Giveaway

Jewelry giveaway alert!!

Looking to accessorize your wardrobe with a new piece of jewelry this spring?

Nothing 2 Wear is giving away a trendy gold necklace to 2 lucky readers in anticipation of the new season right around the corner...

I remember back in high school silver jewelery was really popular. So popular in fact that the standard had become to avoid yellow gold all together. I accumulated tons of silver jewelry thinking it was a timeless trend that would never go out of style. Even my mother has a white gold wedding band and engagement ring from the early 80's which signaled to me that white gold and silver were the tried tested and true jewelery trends.

Well, times have certainly changed. Somewhere in between The Backstreet Boys and Bruno Mars and while we were ditching backpacks for clutches, my generation has grown to adore yellow gold. Today you will catch me mixing my white gold, rose gold and yellow gold on a daily basis. Yellow gold has proven to be especially easy to wear, especially in the spring and summer. 

It goes so well with springs abundance of floral prints, summers bright neon trend, and you cant beat a gold necklace and bangle against the still trending blue and white stripes or black polka dot patterns. 

Today Nothing 2 Wear is giving away a Tissh by Gloria Lee  The Rowe Necklace 
to TWO lucky readers. 

Enter the contest via the widget below. This time I'm giving you the chance to earn up to 5 entries for the draw. Enter once or the maximum 5 times by completing all 5 tasks listed below. The two winners will be randomly selected two weeks from now.

Good luck!
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  1. What beautiful necklaces! Love the details!

  2. Dale Steele NicolovMarch 1, 2014 at 5:20 AM

    Beautiful.I love the geometry. It looks like it is from ancient times in Egypt.

  3. The pendant is really lovely and beautiful. I like the geometrical design. It will be surely very glamorous to wear it.

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