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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

To Buy Or Not To Buy

parental advisory alexander wang

Would you wear something that declared to the world  "PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT CONTENT"?

Annnnd would you spend over $1,000 on it?

Read on for my always humble opinion...

Today on Nothing 2 Wear we are asking a hard hitting question regarding one of this seasons hottest IT-items. Normally To Buy Or Not To Buy is where I find an over priced designer item (typically a pair of shoes I NEED to have) then search for a more affordable, less exclusive pair and ask YOU which version is worth adding to my closet. Today this is not the case. You see, I am currently at odds with a trend, and I am here today asking you a
rhetorical question because I already know I will not be investing in this item. BUT I really, really want to know if you would? 
The trend in question: Alexander Wang's Parental Advisory mesh and jersey sweatshirt.

So first off, why does such an item exist? As Wang explained, being a product of the 90's he grew up during logo mania and during a time when looking more "street" than country club was the norm.  Today he is yearning for a return to that time as he described it back in October, "Fashion was really fun, when there was wit and humor, and it wasn't so serious." 

Fair enough, I like a good fun, ironic and not too serious piece of fashion myself. In that context the PARENTAL ADVISORY sweater is looking a bit more appealing.

Lets take a look a closer look at the item in question.


mesh sweater

I think what's bothering me is the fact that if you own this sweater you are obviously going to proudly wear it all spring (climate pending) and by summer it will be too warm, and by fall it will be passe. If you were to wear it next winter you are essentially just a walking billboard for last seasons Alexander Wang, and everyone will be aware. 

Not to mentioned the fact that every blogger from here to Kuala Lumpur will be wearing it. That's reason enough for me to steer clear.

My final point; it just boils down to dollars and cents. The designer version doesn't come cheap, but there are much affordable versions available, like EVERYWHERE. Even before Wang sent his version down the runway Urban Outfitters had a version available. So, there was a knock off before the designer version even saw the light of day. Take that exclusivity!

If you're looking for one of these affordable versions take a look at this one.

Parental Advisory Sweater from New Look

parental advisory explicit content
or this one...

 From Urban Outfitters 

alexander wang sweater copy

So why the hype? Would you wear it? If so which version, the authentic Alexander Wang investment or the disposable after one season affordable version?


  1. Great rant! Personally I would never wear it and mainly because every blogger most likely is. Also, with the amount of knock offs it's no longer a fun ironic piece, frankly it's kind of passe..... I think the whole point of these message tee's is to find one that's your own.

    1. Caroline, I love how you articulated that. Find one that's your own; that goes for anything fashion related. I guess what bothers me most about this sweater is the copy factor, there is no originality in wearing something everyone else is wearing at the exact same time. Thanks for your comment.