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Saturday, April 26, 2014

You've Got Mail: Beauty Box Subscriptions


Today we're talking popular monthly subscription boxes, and I’m not talking The Cheese of the Month Club.

Trust me, these are Gouda.

I don’t know about you, but I love receiving mail. Unfortunately for me just as I reached that appropriate age when my big girl mail correspondence should have been pouring in, the entire world up and switched to e-cards, e-invites, Facebook baby, wedding and divorce announcements. Even good old Junk Mail has moved from our front door to our SPAM folder.

 for me subscription boxes can now fill the void and I can maintain my love-hate relationship with my grumpy mail man. If you Google “subscription boxes” you will be amazed with what you find. Did you know BACON is currently trending in the US? It’s been listed as one of this year’s trendiest foods, not to mention a favorite of Hipsters, spotted in over 2 million Instagram posts, check out #Bacon, I do not lie. Not surprisingly there is also a subscription box dedicated to the scrumptious meat. Bacon of The Month Club can be yours for only $49.95 monthly. 
I do love my bacon, but I’m looking more for something along the lines of a beauty subscription, something where I can test new products before they hit the shelves, or products I just haven’t tried yet. I also like the idea of getting a smaller “samples” to try before I commit to the full size. The delivery to my door part is just the gravy. My first search for “beauty subscription boxes” led me to Birchbox. It seems to be the most hyped beauty subscription box out there, in fact hearing about it and seeing pics of happy customers on Instagram is what got me interested in these boxes in the first place. The only BIG problem is that Birchbox doesn't ship to Canada. That’s lame. 
Lucky for us Canadians we can subscribe to TopBox for only $12 a month. Aveda, Butter London, Cake, Essie, Lancome, Marc Jacobs, Redken, the list goes on and on.

For even more makeup and beauty boxes check out...

Ipsy: Co-founded by makeup artist and YouTube star Michelle Phan featuring Benefit Cosmetics, Buxom, Urban Decay and more.

Glossy Box: $21 a month for luxury beauty brands such as Fresh, Le Prairie Phyto Paris and Oscar de la Renta.

Fancy Box: lets you choose the type of box you want delivered from the categories of your choice such as mens, kids, home, gadgets and media.

For the manicure enthusiast try Square Hue or Julep.
There is even a monthly subscription box for the DIY'ers of the world

Oh and in case youre a proud dog mom...yup there's one for you too. Bark Box. There's even a box for the foodie, and umm, the pickle enthusiast. Pickels of The Month Club can be yours for only $680 for an entire year of pickles. And to freshen up after eating all that bacon and all those pickles you can always pick up a Toothbrush a month subscription.

Well there you have it, all the dirt I could dig up on this growing trend of monthly subscription boxes. Do you susbscribe to one? If so it is on this list? If not please feel free to share.


  1. I love getting mail too! I don't actually subscribe to a box but I keep thinking I should.

  2. Receiving mail, especially when one knows it is something nice one has been looking forward to, is great, but I am not subscriber of these boxes, because I would rather invest the money in something I really desire, not in something someone else choses. I know I am deprived of the moment of surprise, but... you know.

  3. I get a pair of panties every month from pantybypost and 4 samples of loose leaf tea from teasparrow. I love both!