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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SPRING Into SUMMER With Espadrilles


I Heart Espadrilles 

Today we are discussing the style that sparked my love of footwear.  

(p.s wow my legs are white)

When I was a mere Tween I fell in love with Espadrilles. I had a pair not dissimilar to those pictured above, except they were not leopard calf-hair, nor were they Louboutin, yet they were still very similar in style. Different, but the same. Fine, not at all the same. But they were my first pair of Espadrilles, and they were awesome. 

I don't suspect you see many girls under the age of 13 wearing such shoes, at lest you didn't when I was 13. I wore my Espadrilles fully aware of the fact that I was 1. not following a current trend my girl friends were all gushing over 2. forgoing comfort for style 3. getting lots of looks and attention when I wore them. BINGO! My obsession over using my footwear to make a fashion statement was most likely birthed the first time someone made a comment about my shoes in public. Side note: my mother and I will probably never forget the day someone GAWKED at my flat gladiator sandals while we were at the mall. This was LONG before gladiators were cool and I can only assume they thought I was an actual Gladiator.

As the years went by Ive always been perfectly at home in a pair of sky high Espadrilles. Basically any wedge sandal has the reputation of being able to snap your ankle right off if you step on so much as a pebble. I'll admit in my early teens when I was no pro I suffered many a rolled ankle. But practice makes perfect. And I practiced until I reached the big leagues when I bought myself these Christian Louboutin espadrilles 5 years ago. Yes that's right, FIVE YEARS AGO. Now you cant tell me I'm crazy next time I preach to you about how we should treat good shoes like art and preserve their goodness by never driving in them or wearing them in so much as a light drizzle. 

Anyways, lucky for me, and you, Espadrilles are hot this summer. But please, don't wait till summer to buy a pair and CAREFULLY and lovingly wear them. Espadrilles are OK for spring too, I swear.
outfit post trenchcoat

christian louboutin

boyfriend jeans and espadrilles
Not to be confused with a wedge, they are in a league of their own. And they are available in so many variations these days. Since mine are no longer available and you'd have to pry them out of my cold dead hands to get them check out some of the currently available versions below.

Gucci Printed Satin Espadrille Sandals
gucci sandal

Mother of Pearl Banana Print Flat Canvas Espadrilles
mother of pearl flat

Charlotte Olympia Canvas Wedge Espadrille
charlotte olympia

Valentino Leather and Leopard Print Calf-hair Flat Espadrille
valentino espadrille
Christian Louboutin Nubuck Espadrille Sandals
louboutin espadrille
Charlotte Olympia Cats Leopard Print Calf-Hair Flat Espadrilles
flat cat espadrille

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  1. I've never been a huge fan of espadrilles, but you've made me want a few pairs now!