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Sunday, October 26, 2014

World Mastercard Fashion Week: Day 3 Rachel Sin

red womans suit


The best of fashion week, day 3

What exactly is power dressing?If you're unsure or your wardrobe is lacking that spark lately then the collection I'm about to share with you should clear that all up.

Rachel Sin presented her Spring/Summer collection on day 3 of fashion week and proved why her namesake collection has become the poster child for power dressing. Designed for the independent, want to do-it-all woman, whose wardrobe is an extension of her confidence, originality and personal style. 

I simply call it power dressing but not in a way that's too stuffy or intimidating. Also, day to night wear that is practical. This entire collection is wearable, with pieces that  mix and match easily. The cuts fit most body types, there isnt anything too clingy but nothing that's boxy and shapeless. The collection is designed in feminine way to enxhance and show off a woman's body. Take a look at some of my favorite looks from the collection, below.

rachel sin womans
blue womans suit
world mastercard fashion week
patterned blouse
spring summer collections
womans power suit

Images by George Pimentel / Getty Images


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