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Monday, November 3, 2014

Trending Today: Glitter

saint laurent glitter shoes


Just because Ke$ha and Pink tell you to do something doesn't mean you have to! I'm talking of course about the demand to  "Throw some glitter in the air".  Apparently throwing shinny stuff in the air has become quite the THING these days. I love me a good glittery item, but I don't necessarily support this habit. First of all that is just a waste of glitter, not to mention that shit can get into peoples eyes, it just seems irresponsible. I would much rather wear glitter, in the form of a cute clutch or a pair of shoes.

Lucky me, and all other glitter loving individuals out there, accessories flanked by the sparkly eye catching substance are everywhere right now. So would you wear a glitter accessory? Of course if you're a seasoned glitter-er this trend isn't all too scary. But if you're just starting off you'll probably want to ease yourself into it. The Saint Laurent pumps pictured above for example are for professionals only. Below I have curated a collection of my favorite glittery stuff, whether you're new to the trend or your closet is easily confused 
with Mariah Carey's.

deborah lippmann nail polish
Deboarh Lippmann polish is superior in general, but her glitter formula is something extra special. I own A LOT of glitter nail polish, and trust me when I say that this is the best one out there today. Available at Sephora this stuff comes in so many different shades, with the size of the glitter flecks ranging from tiny iridescent to larger gold and silver. My favorite thing about this polish is that it is not impossible to take off.

miu miu sunglasses
I'm obsessed with these shades, and you would be too if you were kinda-sorta into glitter, a novice glitter-lover I will call you. You can wear all black and be boring if that's your thing but just throw these Miu Miu sunglasses on and your day will brighten up I promise you.

jimmy choo sparkle pumps
So you call yourself a Pro eh, would you wear glitter shoes? Would you actually spend designer shoe prices on these glitter shoes? I did, on my wedding day no less. So are you up for the challenge? These Jimmy Choo sparkly babes would be the perfect pair to own if so.

So I'm gonna come right out and say that I would totally wear these. I wish I owned them actually, they are on my "Wish List" over at Net-A-Porter, I'm praying for a sale sometime soon. The house of Saint Laurent must be having a glitter induced psychotic melt down right about now because half of their Fall/Winter shoe collection is covered in the stuff. I told you that stuff gets in your eye. Check out the knee high boots and other interesting pieces they released this fall.

So have I motivated you to get yourself some glitter this fall? If so or if you are already on the glitter train check out some more suggestions below!


  1. I've had my eye on those Saint Laurent Maryjanes since March! I swear I'm going to purchase them the second they go on sale!!!


  2. I love glitter especially around the holidays. Glitter shoes or skirt for a holiday party is a dream in my opinion.

    Sunday Brunch

  3. Love the glitter idea, but I think I am at the amateur stage - nail polish for me! But come Christmas all will change :)

  4. I love the glitter! I love anything shinny! I would love to pair the shoes in the professional slot, with my gabriella rocha dress for the holiday parties!

  5. I LOVE glitter and those Miu Miu shades are fabulous x


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