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Monday, February 2, 2015

Beige, Tan, Neutral, Wooho!

beige is the new black
I know that sounds incredibly boring but hear me out...

This spring I want you to put your florals and neon's aside for something more, lets just say, neutral. At least once this spring try on the trendiest color of the season. TAN! 

If that doesn't sound convicting I totally understand. Personally I'm not a fan of beige but since its huge this up coming season I figured I would give it a try. The best way to get yourself in with the color that's being dubbed "the new black" is to mix it with other colors you're already comfortable with. 

A staple that you would normally purchase in black can also easily be replaced with tan or a neutral. That doesn't sound too horrible actually. Still, make sure to combine your colorful accessories and mix and match tan or beige with your favorite colors. 

Here are 4 examples of how I would wear tan this spring.

1. Accent with ... Blue!
Start with an everyday pair of culottes in beige of course, and add simple hints of blue with a denim jacket and a blue patterned pair of pumps + favorite accessories such as gold rings and trendy bag/backpack. Bonus points for a robins egg blue mani. 

No.21 Pleated Cotton Culottes   
biege cullots
2. Brighten up with White. 
White jeans AND white pumps at the same time will turn any outfit on its head. There's no way you're blending into the background in this look just because its void of color head to toe. Its also the perfect neutral pallet to allow your bright accessories (such as this hot pink YSL) stand out. 

Donna Karan Shearling Jacket  

pink ysl purse

3. Fine, you love BLACK, me too, so I wouldn't part from it entirely just because Spring has sprung. This look lets you pile on the dark accessories, sweater, shoes, jeans, you name it. But on top of it all is our friend beige adding the right amount of distraction from all the darkness.

Red Valentino Cotton Mackintosh Coat
biege jacket
4. More Beige. What? Have I gone mad? A minute ago I was gagging at the thought of owning anything beige and now I'm trying to push on you a beige on beige outfit? Yep, that's right. Until I put this collage together I had no idea so much tan and beige could look so good. In fact this is my favorite of the 4 looks. That beige, black and white jacket is stunning isn't it?

J.Crew Fine-Knit Sweater 
So what do you think? Will beige be your friend come spring? What colors would you combine with beige staples to make this look your own? 

In case you're already waaaay on the beige-wagon below are some more suggestions of great staples that you could add to your wardrobe. Happy shopping!!

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  1. I just purchased a fabulous pair of beige Michael Kors pumps that I look forward to styling with so many pieces. I like the tipis you provided here. Neutral colors also look fantastic with bold colors like red. Love this post. I was already sold on the power of beige you just provided a number of reasons as to why.