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Sunday, February 22, 2015

To Buy Or Not To Buy: Embellished Sunnies

embellished sunglasses

How much is too much when investing in this seasons hottest accessory trend?

I looooove sunglasses. So much so I have a rule that I can only buy a new pair every other year, this is a necessary precaution so that I don't accumulate dozens each season and run out of storage space. I could easily become some sort of very specific hoarder of the sunglasses variety. I believe its important to have different pairs for different occasions. A classic brown round frame for every day,  a wire frame aviator for the beach (dosen't leave tan lines), a black pair with a big frame for when you want to hide your face, or for dramatic funerals (you never know), and lastly a few fun pairs like mirrored lenses, colored frames and ESPECIALLY embellished frames!

It doesn't hurt that embellished frames are right on trend right now. Dolce & Gabbana have been embracing this trend for a few seasons and have produced some of the most outrageous and not to mention expensive pairs. The designs also get crazier and crazier every season. You may think that a pair of embellished sunnies is not for you but there are SO many out these this season I bet if you opened up your heart and got just a bit brave you could find a pair, or two, or three.  
dolcegabbana sunglasses

Since I'm on the hunt for a pair of bold, embellished sunnies (I aint afraid) I was seriously considering dropping a bit too much cash on a pair UNTIL I came across The Crystal Cult 
The Dolce pair pictured above go for a cool $526, I can see how that can be considered excessive for a pair of sunglasses that are very specific to this season, and this year. And you cant exactly wear these babies every day. I mean you can, but would you? 

Meanwhile I found several pairs that don't break the bank and are just as cute, equally as embellished and have that wow factor as well.

So I'm pretty obsessed with these four pairs. They all come in UNDER $90, making me question why I ever bought designer sunglasses in the past.

If you're feelin the embellished sunnies trend I suggest you check out there site http://www.thecrystalcult.com/
Are you bold enough to dare to wear this trend this summer?  If so will you be indulging in a designer pair or stocking up on the more affordable options?

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  1. I am a huge fan of sunnies and like you have to limit myself! I'm definitely for a a pair of embellished ones there's just something so fun about them.