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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Accessory Guide

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Today marks a day of celebration for all woman as Summer fades away and Autumn OFFICIALLY begins. Why is this a cause for celebration you may ask? Well if you have to ask than I don't think you and I will get along very well. 

EVERYONE knows that the start of fall/autumn is excuse for an obligatory shopping spree. Hence why all women jump at the sight of that first crispy red leaf they spot on the ground. Pumpkin Spiced lattes are available everywhere, nutmeg is basically thrown into any dish imaginable, Halloween costume shopping has begun, and if you're lucky you may even spot a few Christmas cards for sale at your local mall...but lets not get too ahead of ourselves. 

The only perfectly acceptable action at this point of time is fall wardrobe shopping! I completely understand it may still be scorching hot where you live, but do I care? Be a trooper and dress for the season not the weather (you know I live by this mantra). 

So in honor of this, my favorite week of the year, Nothing 2 Wear will be sharing fall and only fall fashions! First up is an accessory round up that is completely swoon worthy, courtesy of Farfetch. Not only are accessories important year round but I believe especially during the fall months. This is our chance to indulge in suede, soft leather, flats and even some sandals still, because before we know it winter will be upon us and we will be in hibernation mode. 

Farfetch has curated a serious collection of accessories for this season. All available through their site which as you know ships from actual stores in countries all over the world. Its like a buffet for the online shopping enthusiast. So take a look below and let me know, what accessories are you craving this fall?
The AW15 Accessories Guide

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