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Sunday, February 14, 2016

How To Find Your Sunglass Soulmate

This Valentines Day, finally find that pair that completes you...

Since its Valentines Day I decided I would share a little insider secret that may help you fall in love with a new pair of sunglasses. Finding that ONE pair, the RIGHT pair, is not all that easy. Sunglasses can be a lot like men. Nice to look at but not necessarily what you need in your life. You feel me? ;)

All jokes aside, lately it has become apparent that most people purchase a pair of sunglasses based on style, trendiness or first impression, rather than fit. Over the years I have drooled over many pairs of hot and trendy sunglasses in magazines and while window shopping. When I actually try them on though about 80% of the time I discover they look HORRID on me. My husband is always quick to point this out (probably because he is breathing a sigh of relief that he just dodged another $600 bullet).

When it comes to sunglasses I have to set rules for myself, because I can get crazy with accessories. I only allow one sunglass purchase every year. Also I only buy a brand that I don't already own. My last purchase was Kate Spade, this year I'm looking at a pair of Celine's from FARFETCH that I will talk more about below. From there I think about the frame and how they will sit on my face, will they suit my large forehead? I have a small nose so will they overpower my face? My jaw is pretty defined and I have a squared off chin, so that usually means dainty, wire framed glasses do not suit me. I look best in over-sized shades, and anything with dark or colorer lenses, that draws attention away from my square jaw. Lastly I wonder if the sunglasses really suit my personal style. Sure I can close my eyes and twirl around in any sunglass store and be happy with stumbling upon any of the designer pairs. But would I actually wear them? My final decision is based on the outfit I can concur up to accent the sunglasses. For example, those sexy new Celine's I mentioned earlier would look great with the outfit below. I chose a bright jacket to contrast from the classic tortoise shell brown of the glasses. The cropped pants, patterned t-shirt and biker bomber jacket are all trendy items that compliment this style of shades.

celine sunglasses

So what if you aren't sure what face shape you have? Or you cant concur up a fantasy outfit for every pair of sunglasses you fall in love with? My friends at FarFetch have a smart little video and informative article currently on their site which takes the guess work out of choosing a new pair of sunnies. Check out the short video right here before you go anywhere! You can also checkout/drool over the sunglass selection over at FarFetch by clicking right here, you're welcome ;)

Video by Farfetch

All above items available at FarFetch...


  1. That is a great video! I love your rule for buying sunnies. I'm a huge fan myself!

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