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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Most Popular Shoe In The World

How to get your hands on this year's MOST popular shoe!

Have you seen this shoe? OF COURSE you have! Because this shoe, this seemingly innocent, understated, lace up flat is the IT shoe of 2015/2016.

So how did this happen? I cant even tell you who started it, was it Isabel Marant? Was it Aquazzura? Who knows?? All I know is that every designer has made some version of this shoe and I'm not even mad, I'm impressed. Personally I adore the shoe. I own a pair myself, from Nine West, which you can find here, and here.

If you want to get your hands on your own pair you're in luck, since there is definitely no shortage. The only problem is that trying to decide which pair to buy may take some time since they come in leather, suede, floral pattern, some are embellished with jewels, others are made of lace! Talk about variety, oh and they're available in every price range. Literally from $60-$1300. I personally recommend checking out the Ninewest pair, they are affordable and comfortable and this season they come in leather, suede and several different colors.

Lucky for you I have put together a handy little shopping guide, complete with direct links so you can shop your favourite pair.

shop lace up flats

Click on the shoe name below to shop..

Once you get your hands on these babies your next question will be; what do I wear them with? Yeah I grappled with this question myself. It is not always easy incorporating flats into your wardrobe if you're a heel sorta gal. Also flats + lace ups, you can run the risk of making your legs look stumpy.

I therefore found that the key is to wear this style with a skinny jean, one that is cropped, or simply roll/cuff your pant leg to make them appear cropped. Show the laces, and don't necessarily wrap them all the way up your leg (these aren't gladiators) tie them around the lower ankle so that they peek out a bit.

Do you already own the MOST popular shoe in the world? My question for you then is, would you buy another pair? I am thinking of doing just that since they are so widely available and just so damn cute.

Share your thoughts on this shoe celebrity below.

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