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Friday, January 4, 2013

There's A Cold Front Comin

"Tonight's forecast: dark and shitty with a chance of frost bite".  That is how I interpret the local weather forecast when I reluctantly check it before heading out to a holiday party or for a winter outing. I shudder at the thought of stepping outside once the sun has gone down during the winter months. But back in my undergrad university years I made a name for myself by layering in the most peculiar of ways. I would wear leggings under my thermal tights, under my green TNA track suit (that's right, I went there) and I would layer my socks. Until I read that wearing more then one pair of socks isn't good for your circulation. I don't know what my problem was back then, I had about 100 meters to walk from my car in the York University parking lot to the main building so I shouldn't have been that fearful of the cold. 

These days I have bigger issues to deal with, my hubby and I have two Dalmatian's. These critters require so much exercise we find ourselves outside in freezing rain, sleet, mountains of snow and ridiculous temperatures because you CANT deny a Dal their daily walk, unless of course you want to have them tear you house apart. I have forgone any chance of looking fashionable while out on our walks for ultimate comfort and warmth. Dressing for these outings is strategic and typically it would be hard to recognize me, let alone distinguish me from a male, a vagabond or an Olsen twin. 

(See, even my pups wear layers...and yes I am wearing ear muffs over a knit hat)

There are times though when one must look presentable, and for those occasions I have some tips...

1. Wear 'old lady' socks. I begin all of my winter outfits with knee high sheer tights. They are thin enough to fit in any fancy little shoe or boot you've got and they keep your feet fairly warm because they are polyester..so basically your feet sweat. Sweat is goooood.  

2. Don't be a hero. You heard me, don't try to pull off bare legs, shorts, a cropped jacket, or exposed ankles. Save the nudity for the summer! 

3. Find cute accessories. Why are people so afraid of gloves, hats and ear muffs? They are f'ing cool and they keep you from developing frost bite. My mom always said if you keep your head warm your whole body will stay warm. I live by that motto, seriously, YOLO, protect yo neck (and your head) and all bits that are exposed. Word! 

4. Invest in a good winter coat. I used to ignore #2 up there and try to wear a short, sporty jacket all winter long. I was stupid. Don't be stupid! In the past two years I invested in two amazing, Canadian made winter coats and they have saved me many times from freezing when walking to and from holiday parties. Rudsak (see above) while pricey has the warmest coats, mine is down filled and yes has real fur around the collar (I'm sorry). The second is a grey coat from Wilfred that falls almost at my ankles, I bought it because it was wool and on sale but to my surprise the sales girl also informed me they insert a piece of suede in the inside back lining to protect your back from the wind. Canadians are so smart eh? 

5. Lastly, do up your coat. We all know its become 'cool' to wear your coat flung over your shoulders, but dress for the climate. Unless you live in LA or you're taking pictures for your blog *cough* put your damn arms through your sleeves and zip up, cause its cold out there.

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