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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breathe in that mall air

Oh the weather outside is frightful, simply no place to go, go to the mall, go to the mall, go to the mall. 

 I am fully aware my little jingle didn't rhyme but it does make sense, no? I have been on an on-line shopping kick for quite some time and have been avoiding large malls because I'm afraid of crowds, crying babies and line ups. But February is typically a very slow retail month, and a trip to the mall right now is not such a horrible experience. Its not like you have anything better to do right? I know you can buy any of the outfits I am showing below on-line, but sometimes its easier and better for sizing to just get off your butt and go into the store. I find that on-line shopping doesn't always do the item justice, even with superb picture quality you cant really get a proper feel for the texture and the exact colour of the material you're buying. 

So seriously, get out there and get to the mall! And buy something for spring, in case you havent picked up on my
subtle and not so subtle hints over the past few weeks that is all I can think about. Here are my top picks from three of my favourite stores, Zara, BCBG and Anthropologie.

Ohh Zara, never fails me, they have such a wide selection of styles and basics that come in so many colours you just cant go wrong, I am sure most of you agree. Bonus: lately their shoes have been on FIRE! That black and white leather number blow is a re-make of last years wildly popular three tone suede which I wore over and over and received so many compliments on, they were only $80, so yeah, why not pick up this seasons version as well? P.S I need that fuchsia suit asap! 

Next up, Anthropologie, the masters of lady-like and delicate clothing. Lace, brocade, fine knits  sequins, these are all things I have to hide from my dogs but still love to wear. Anthro is my go-to when I want a new blouse or a piece of statement jewellery. Their necklace's are out of this world! It was way too difficult to decide on just one to show you, but I settled on the pink and green stone necklace because it can be worn with all of the four outfits below. P.P.S I also really need that tennis print sweater asap!

Last, but definitely not least, my favourite store and my weak spot, BCBG. Most people seek out BCBG when they are in need of a cocktail dress or a gown for a black-tie event, I do the same. But their every day work wear and casual kits are also ahh-mazing! If I could afford to, I would dress in head to toe BCBG every day, I always say it, and I maintain that year after year. Their jewellery is among my fav, because it is trendy and affordable. Their spring line is totally out of control, it was impossible to narrow it down to only four outfits, and I just had to throw in those yellow trousers. P.P.P.S  I reeaaally need that blush perforated leather shirt, I meant it! 

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