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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pin This

Are you hooked on Pinterest? Have you ever asked yourself why? 

A typical saying I might "pin" on any given day
This past weekend a friend of mine admired my most recent manicure and commented “You got this off of Pinterest!”  She was correct, I did in fact “pin” the nail design several months ago to my Pinterest board “Beauty” (P.S. I'm not very creative when it comes to naming my boards)

Something about my friends Pinterest connection bothered me though, had she simply noticed my pin, or was my nail design so popular in the Pinning World that she had seen it over, and over, and over again? Did I have “typical” nails? Gasp!

Why was I so offended by this? Perhaps because it meant I had caught on to the Pinterest fever, and the only prescription was more DIY home d├ęcor!  But wait, was I addicted? Addiction was precisely what I feared, and that fear had prevented me from giving in to Pinterest for over a year. While everyone was sharing their dream closets and dream wedding ideas (even though they were not even engaged)  I remained without a Pinterest account until just 7 months ago, more on that later.

Aside from addiction, I had my reservations about what creating Pinterest boards would do to my emotional stability. What would happen if we actually cooked everything we pinned? Bought every pair of shoes and every purse on our fashion boards? We would be broke, that’s what would happen! How many of you have pinned a rack to hold your nail polishes? Crostini with goat cheese and fig jam...did I really need Pinterest to figure that one out? If I had a dollar for every sock bun tutorial, leg work out and crock pot recipe I would actually be able to afford all of the designer shoes I have pinned to my “On my feet” board. In reality they are far from on my feet, they are floating in cyber space, and most likely they will remain there.

Furthermore, is it healthy to constantly be looking at our lives from the perspective of lists? What does it do to our heads when our list is unobtainable, unaffordable and worse, everyone else seems to have the exact same list! When someone re-pins your pin it’s almost a justification for why you pinned it in the first place “It’s cool, I knew it, that’s why I pinned it”

I clung to my morals for several months and stayed off of Pinterest until one weekend last summer when I was searching for make-up looks for my upcoming wedding. Most of my Google searches resulted in Pinterest boards popping up and suddenly I couldn't handle not being a part of this movement any longer, that’s when I finally signed up. I already had Facebook, my blog, Instagram, Twitter, Flicker, two Gmail accounts and a YouTube channel, so what would another social media account do for me? Well first of all its perfect for OCD sufferer‘s such as myself, I mean it’s almost too organized (by the way, “too” organized doesn't exist in my world).

Since opening my account I have managed to remain on the non-obsessive side of Pinterest, I have actually found it very helpful. I created a board with all my bridesmaids’ hair and make-up looks and brought my iPad with me to the salon on my wedding day so that we could show the stylist exactly what they wanted. As previously mentioned I have discovered so many cute nail designs and have duplicated them, whether that makes me a follower or not I don’t care, because this was too damn cute to resist.

I first spotted my gorgeous Kate Spade pumps on Pinterest, pinned them, showed hubby, and now they are mine, and who ever said pinning wasn't winning?  What is my top pin of all time? Whoever the genius is who first thought to store bobby pins in a used Tic Tac container, you are my new hero!

All in all, if you can refrain from allowing Pinterest to take up all your spare time, ruin your marriage, lose you your job and land you on the streets living out of shoe boxes  it’s a great way to pass time.

As a side note; I pinned this cheese plate awhile back but the link seems to have been broken, does anyone know where I can find this? Lol I am obviously in desperate need.


  1. That is the most hilarious quote! Love it. Great manicure too.

  2. Great post! Pinterest can be so addicting, it's good that you try to resist temptation :p my boars have become a bit too cluttered actually. Lovely nailart!

  3. fantastic update! My bff located the cheese plate and ordered me one! Boom! ;)

  4. Great post! I think Pinterest can definitely be a time-waster, but I think it also helps the creative process to immerse yourself in inspiration as much as possible. :)

  5. I'm reading this as I'm on Pinterest looking for a mani to duplicate for when i go to the nail salon today, no joke haha. You do bring up a great point though, however I think duping manis and such are pretty harmless and the DIY projects are really smart.

  6. Pinterest in a little too Vanilla for me. I am, however, completely addicted to Tumblr. On Tumblr nudity is revered, but on Pinterest...not so much. PLUS Tumblr can have some great articles, too! (Just in case you needed another social media channel to be addicted to!)