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Friday, February 8, 2013

Dirty Thirty

On turning thirty in a world of twenty-somethings

Look at this pic, that's me in my twenties, living the dream, tight skin, natural hair colour, and a metabolism so quick it could compete in the Olympics. Yup, I was a self lover of junk food, a fake nail applier, even tanning bed lover and high heel enthusiast. I was one of those annoying chicks who said stuff like "I can eat anything and never gain weight" Ha-ha-ha, well look at me now, turning the corner on thirty and hardly fitting into my jeans. As it turns out "Wendy's" is not a food group, and neither is Vodka. 

Sorry to be a Jenny-downer but I currently only have 74 days left in my twenties, and I'm not handling it well. The abuse I put my twenty-year-old self through is now beginning to surface.  I'm waiting, for any day now I will get my first grey hair and be reminded by my mother that my "biological clock is tickin like this"

What's worse is, today's world is one filled with gorgeous twenty-something's, all who seem more successful, gorgeous, rich and powerful than me. How did this happen? Since when were babies welcome in the work place, and how did I not achieve this status while I myself was in my twenties? 

The other day I was asking myself how I could possibly compete, and it dawned on me, this is precisely why older women dress in age-inappropriate outfits. Because they are trying to fit in with the younger demographic, or simply because they have never looked in a mirror. It then began to concern me, was I going to become one of the women who wear their daughters clothes? Ok, maybe not at 30, but 40 is only ten years away and if I'm not careful I could very well become one of THEM. Reason being; I never allowed my wardrobe to evolve past its quirky, semi-comfortable, reliable state. I don't dress up for work, and I shy away from dressing "sexy" because I don't like the attention it draws to me. Will I be forty years old, wearing a pair of mouse shoes? Woaaaaaha there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! Just recently my friend had to stop me from buying a shirt that had horsey's all over it "You're not 12" she said, "And they're horses, not horsey's". Damn. 

I don't know why my style has never evolved considering I am not afraid of taking fashion risks. I guess I can chalk this fashion stalemate up to the fact that I never thought a change was necessary. Not very profound, but perhaps enlightening myself to the fact that a change may be in order will bring about said change...dontcha think? 

It's not like I'm afraid of change, my hair is the perfect evidence of this. My hair has been every colour of the rainbow including pink, every shade of bleach including burnt, and every length including the current "dips into the toilet if I'm not careful". Why wont I cut it? This is another story, for another day. So maybe I should purchase a pair of practical black pumps instead of those polka dot one's I've been coveting? OMG even as I type this I know that is completely ludicrous. Historically, every time I changed my hair colour, or cut 6 inches off in haste I realized only after it was too late that I had never really thought the life changing decision. I was immediately regretful 80% of the time I made a drastic change in hair style, and therefore I have to ponder in this situation, do I really even need to change my personal style?  

I don't know if I will come to a resolution over this before I turn thirty in 74 short days. But in case I don't at least forty is still ten years away, so I figure I have some time to sort it all out before my future children are afraid to go out in public with me. 

In the mean time here is another picture of me in all my twenty 28 year old glory, ahh the good old days...p.s photos by Laura May Photography, duh 


  1. Ha! Alright I'm going to let you in on a little secret...everything doesn't break down the minute you hit the big 30. Also, once you are there you'll realize that the 30's are actually SO much better....but that comes with time.

  2. Hi
    I used to worry that when I hit the big 4 0 life would definitely not be the same again!! But its all ok and my girls are 18 and 20 and are not ashamed to be out with me in public. When they say 'WHOA mum, you are not going out with us dressed like that, then I will start to worry!
    I have also found that I have gained so much more confidence during my 30's too. Although I'm drawing the line at short mini skirts and midriffs lol!

    Enjoy being 30!
    Rachel x

  3. This was an amazing read. Given I have a few short months of longer than you until my 30th- im suddenly prompted to do a closet cleanup... I can't shake my obsession with impractical evening and cocktail dresses but its time I start allocating more of that money to practical work clothes.... Jenn - one word: incredible blog... keep posting! This is magazine worthy!

  4. 30 is the new 20 mamacita ;) Age ain't nothin but a NUMBAH!


  5. I will be very honest.... you are very beautiful... just look at your last picture... and I don't know why is growing old so terrifying for all of us. It always feels like too young for this, too old for that. But listening to all your color stories, I love how you have lived your twenties !! That's how they are supposed to be (I am just not doing something right with mine I guess then ) and I am pretty sure, once you are past the 74 days, you are going to rock the 30s too, just the way they are meant to be.

    I am your new happy follower on bloglovin !
    And P.S. the name of your blog is just so right ! :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  6. Oh, come one! I'm 19 an dreading getting to the maturity of the 20s! It's jsut a phase and you'll love yourself even more when you reach 30 :)


  7. The 30s aren't too bad (though, I did notice that turning 32 proved to be difficult...odd) - I think that this is a decade when we can really find out who we are, and then be brave enough to show that to the world. No more energy wasted on trying to fit into the ideals that other people have set for us - huzzah!