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Friday, February 8, 2013

Emerald City

Almost two years ago while in Dubai I picked up this silk emerald number from DVF, I wore it once and then hung it in my closet for a full year. You are probably asking yourself why the f would I do such a silly thing, and the reason is quite simple, I wasn't too thrilled about the colour.

Being a red-head wearing green is usually what entices people to ask me if I'm Irish, yell "Hey Ginger" from across the street, or inquire whether the curtains match the drapes. Yup, its not news that green in any shade really does bring out the RED in one's hair. Not that I'm afraid of being labelled as a red-head, or Irish, but being of Italian descent I have always felt like an outcast with orange hair as a child, and now red hair and milky white skin as an adult, I don't exactly fit the bill, and I must say I am a proud Italian so this is rather heartbreaking. 

My point is that without motivation to wear this gorgeous silky two piece blouse set I easily relegated it to the back of my closet without any remorse (I' m sorry Diane). But a new day has dawned, and with the coming of 2013 and the new colour of the year being non other then "Emerald" I re-considered the lil DVF friend and even wore it outside in public. I am now on the hunt for the perfect emerald colour blazer. If anyone has any suggestions on where I can find a decently priced one in Toronto or on line it would be greatly appreciated by yours truly. 

I don't think wearing Emerald necessarily has to be about wearing the colour head to toe, rather its about infusing your wardrobe with the stand out jewel tone.

For example....this dress by BCBG and this blouse by Wilfred both inject Emerald into your wardrobe without being too obvious. Personally, since I shy away from green tones this is the route I am going to take to represent 2013's colour of the year.

Has anyone else embraced the Emerald trend so far?

*photo of me by Laura May Photography

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  1. Honestly emerald suits you so well!! You should definitely rock a lot of it this year!