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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Mane Event

Here is a crash course on yours truly, I am sarcastic (if you haven't already noticed) I am silly, and I have very long hair (pictured below about 8 months ago). These days my hair is so long as previously mentioned, if I'm not careful it can easily dip into the toilet. This is not ideal. All I have been thinking of lately is chopping my hair off, I have my hair in a braid today and have been eyeing the scissors on my desk thinking I could chop this braid off any minute. Now that I sound unstable, let me fill you in on why I feel this way...

I have been growing my hair since 2007 and the result is exactly what I suspected, super long, useless hair which I have grown quite sick of! Frankly, I think nobody needs hair longer then their collar bone, so why I have allowed mine to reach my hip bones is beyond me. Every time I shower it takes me a good twenty minuets to comb out the tangles, by then I am too reluctant to spend the time styling it because that takes another hour. I am at my breaking point (and so are my split ends) and have therefore decided to chop it all off. 

Only issue with that is 1. I am a bridesmaid in two upcoming weddings and both brides has expressed to me that if my hair cant fit into an up-do I will be scared with a hot poker. 2. I am terrified! 

The fact alone that I have put so much effort into growing it out for the past 6 years is enough to make me tear up. Also, I lack the ability to just "get a trim", historically every time I have gone in for a hair cut I have lobbed off at least 4 inches, go big or go home is my mantra. So does this mean I will end up with chin length hair before I know it? Over the past three months I have flip flopped back and forth with my emotions and have even told several of my friends I was planning on cutting it, in the hopes that spreading the word will make me commit. Alas, I have still not made a move, I don't have a hair appointment scheduled in my near future so the prospect of this cut is looking dim. 

More then likely, the day I finally make my way into a hair dresser the scene will play off like this.

"Ha-Ha-HA cut my hair? Sure I can do that ...good times...let the chopping begin. "

See that, that's delirium taking over, and it happens every single time I make the decision to cut my hair. This is what my hair looked like last time I chopped it back in 2007. Keep in mind I went in to see my hair dresser for a trim that day and ended up cutting my shoulder length hair into THIS

While I don't think I will be going that short in the front this time, and I wont be subjecting myself to side bangs, I am considering cutting that much off. I'm thinking something like this..

Why do you think us women often have such a hard time parting with our hair? I think it has a lot to do with what we THINK men want to see, long hair is deemed more feminine and luscious, ultimately more sexy. Sometimes I feel as if long hair is easy to hide behind, literally it can cover half your face if you part it a certain way, and it doesn't leave you as exposed as a short bob would. 

Do you have your own theories as to why it's so damn difficult to cut your hair? Or your own personal story? Please share, I don't like feeling alone, and also any motivation to help me make the cut would be appreciated. 


*First pic of me in ogange dress by Laura May Photography 

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  1. Your hair is amazing! However I do love the last haircut picture you put up.. I think it would look great! So scary doing the big chop though. Let me know how it goes!