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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wear Your Heart On Your Sole

On why I wore Louboutin's in the winter, in Toronto...gasp! 

A good friend of mine once commented that I was "Too obsessive compulsive to wear Louboutin's" she was right, and I shared the sentiment the very first time I brought home a pair. I gently placed the shoe on my foot and thought "Okay self, lets get serious, you're never wearing them outside, these will be your INDOOR shoes, just like you used to have in kindergarten. Except now with calf hair espadrilles" I maintained my commitment to never let the red soles touch the grimy pavement. Until one summer hubby commented that my indoor/outdoor shoe routine with my Louboutin patent leather pumps was silly, and further more he couldn't understand why I wasn't enjoying my shoes to the fullest, and to him that meant wearing them on the streets of Toronto. What? Does he not know how many street-meat condiments have fallen on those side-walks? Just take a look at the picture below if you don't believe me. 

Collateral damage. This is what happens when you wear your red soles on Toronto streets!

His comment did make me ponder; why did I buy these in the first place if I was so determined to never wear them in public? Why did I buy them? That question was easy, I bought them because they were gorgeous, shiny (who can resists shiny? ), and mainly, because they are a highly coveted item in the fashion world. A flash of red sole is never mistaken for anything but the masterful design of Mr Christian Louboutin. Maybe its also the fact that the red can easily become worn off, scratched, and fade away, they are precious. A fresh pair with a perfect bright red sole are quite a sight to see.

 I will immodestly admit that I feel 1,000 times sexier, and more powerful when I am wearing mine. Furthermore, considering my vast amount of quirks and idiosyncrasy's I feel like I'm really putting myself out there when I have them on, my heart beats a bit quicker, I walk slower, I'm careful not to step in street-meat condiments. Overall I turn into a slight socio-path  but ultimately I am quite happy with myself. I am truly wearing my heart of my sole, while enjoying the confidence that comes with wearing a gorgeous shiny pair of pumps I am also staring down my OCD; living dangerously. 

I really knew I had out grown my indoor/outdoor habit when just last week I wore my precious  beige New Decoltissimo patent pumps in the SNOW and SLUSH. Either this was downright idiotic, or I have really gotten over my fear. Lets get something straight here, I saved up for two months just so I could purchase those puppies while I was in Dubai. I gave up mani's and pedi's, Starbucks, and may have skipped several meals just to 'afford' them. I'm not a 40 pair collector, just yet, so I truly cherish every inch of red sole I posses. 

While we are on the topic of Louboutin, let me share with you my most recent obsession. The Paulina, in python. Isn't she lovely? Also, please tell me, tell me, your feelings and thoughts on how designer shoes should be treated. I'd love to know if I require therapy or if perhaps there are others out there just like me. 

And p.s happy day before Valentines, if you're going on a hot date tomorrow feel free to put yourself out there, and perhaps even wear your heart on your sole :) 


  1. Haha, I totally agree with that friend of yours. Enjoy your purchases tot the fullest, especially when they sucked up all your money. Although I know everyone would like it to keep there shoes in new condition, facing reality you just cannot not wear those beauties. I own several pair of Acne shoes and they all are definitely worn well ;)

  2. I think if you make a big purchase, it is silly to never wear them out. You were right to wear them on the streets, and yes, even in the slush. I would much rather say, "I bought these amazing shoes and I showed them off and lived my life in them", then to say, "I only wear them in the safety of my house so that they stay shiny". I actually did the same thing as you for awhile, but I've gotten over it! Great post.

    You're New Follower,

  3. Let me first give you condolences on your poor shoes! I know if I ever owned a pair (one day soon I hope!) I will be so reluctant to wear them outside just like you. But I guess what is the point in owning something so amazing if you can't show it off to the world. I love the Paulina shoe too!


  4. I put rubber soles after the first couple wears for all my good shoes...
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  5. really lovely!!

    love, Gongy


  6. omg I love Christian Louboutin's shoes, but still cannot afford them. Seeing those pictures makes me wonder if I will ever wear them out if I do buy them. Maybe I should splurge on something else instead.


  7. I sooo so agree with you! I am like that as well. I still haven't worn my LouB's. But darling you give me hope! Hope to meet up in Toronto for coffee in LouB's?

  8. I don't know tough choice shoes are of course meant to be worn, but of course any one would want to preserve them in all their glory.

  9. Agree! Take those Loubi's for a walk...they are meant to be enjoyed!