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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Round Up: Feb 22 2013

Happy Friday! This week the Round Up includes a follow up to yesterday's post about accessories. Yes, I caved and got myself the gold BCBG cuff I mentioned yesterday, check it out below, as well as the rest of my weekly round up. 

1. BCBG cuffs - Just yesterday I posted my top accessory  cravings for 2013. In that list was a gold cuff from BCBG, not known for my ability to refrain from shopping I have purchased said cuff ;) But to be completely fair I had a very good reason, you see I have an important event this Sunday (see below for more on that). I love BCBG jewellery because it is affordable and of course gorgeous. And if you don't think a gold cuff is an important item to add to your collection and you don't believe me then check out this weeks "The Edit" On Net-a-porter where they discuss the "game changing" power of the gold cuff ! 

2. Blue suede shoes - Elvis was right to say don't step on them, cause these babies are precious. Mine are obviously tucked away for the next few months until every last drop of snow melts, and the street cleaners come out, and the sun comes out to ensure there isn't any flash flooding, and still then I will most likely never drive in them, or wear them outside. Seems like I haven't really learned my lesson have I? Mine are from Marciano and they are the most perfect shade of blue suede. 

The Ada Pump by Marciano

3. Best Friends - this Sunday we celebrate my bestie and her last few months of the single life. We are hosting a candy themed bridal shower and I am sure it will be a great day filled with tons of memories, and surely lots of photos we can look back on one day when we are in our 50's. Cheers to friends, they are the family we choose for ourselves ;) 


  1. That BCBG is the dream!

    Have fun on Sunday!


  2. Oh I believe you! That's a really great clutch!