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Monday, February 25, 2013

Check Mate

Checkers Three Ways 

A few months back I bought my husband a black and red checker shirt, when I presented him with the random gift his first reaction was "I look like a lumber jack". His comment made me reflect upon myself and my own lumber jack-esque apparel that hung in my closet. Over the past few years I had accidentally collected what I deem to be a one-too many checker pattern button downs. They have become a staple on days when I want to roll out of bed and not worry about using my little brain to conjure up an outfit.  And I guess that reflects in the way I look because when constantly paired with worked in jeans the checker shirt can look a bit too laid back. 

Recently while in Joe I picked up a soft mint green checker shirt and I vowed to wear it differently, that got me thinking, how can you pull off checkers, plaid and flannel without looking frumpy, or like you're a-boot to hunting eh? Check it out below, my top three fav ways to work checks into your wardrobe. 

1. With Jeans: I know I JUST said that pairing the shirt with jeans isn't ideal, but its all in how you accessories. Starting from the top, I have an ass load of make-up on, and a bright lipstick, so it would be almost impossible to confuse me for a boy. Next I added a neon necklace, and blue suede pumps. Et VoilĂ   

plaid shirt

blue suede shoes

2. With Colour: If you pair checkers with another bright colour it will never look boring or dull. This skirt is such a gorgeous purple colour, with gold accessories you're in the money. 

3. With Leather: This is pretty self explanatory, pair anything with leather and suddenly, va-va-voom! Leather pants, tight, shorts, jacket, or in this case faux leather skirt from Zara. I upped the ante by adding patent Louboutin's (which my dog kept trying to eat) . 

leather skirt

I guess that's it for now, but the possibilities are endless. Tell me, have you embraced the flannel checker trend? How do you wear it? 


  1. Excellent looks! I love plaid, I'm always looking for fun new ways to wear it.


  2. Love your looks, especially the last one with leather. I have way too many plaid tops in my closet!!
    Found you via IFB (I'm a fellow Ontario blogger!). Following along now via GFC.


  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Great blog post –I love the blue suede pumps, where are they from? They would have been the perfect addition to my recent blog post:

    Spring/Summer '13 Fashion Trends: New Blue Hues


    1. Hi Luke, the pumps are "Ada" by Marciano

      Thanks for the comment :)

  4. i love the last outfit! I can imagine the purple skirt with a gray or purple top as well!