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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Got The Time?

I have a question on this gloomy Wednesday morning. Why don't women wear watches any more? 

Lately I have been taking mental note of whether stylish women are wearing watches, at work, out shopping, at dinner. My not-so-scientific survey has revealed that the majority of women take the time to throw on bangles and bracelets and leave their watch at home. Very few women still wear a watch every day, and I think I know why. I am blaming the popularization of the cell phone for the disappearance of the watch. 

Hear me out,how many times have you done this; someone asks you for the time and instead of checking that hunk of metal that is just chillin on your wrist you go into your purse and check your cell phone screen. Looooooser! I'm allowed to call you a loser, because I did that just last week. I wear a LARGE, gold Marc by Marc Jacobs watch almost every day of my life, its quite heavy and shiny, not easy to miss. Yet in the past two years that I have been wearing it I must admit I have probably only used it for time checking purposes about a dozen times. 

There, I said it, I own and wear watches not for their time-telling ability but for the aesthetic value, I once wore a watch for several weeks with the knowledge that the battery no longer worked. Lately I have reaaaally really been coveting a new watch. I have been scouring the net and came up with the beauties in the image below. 

Sweet aren't they? I'm a huge fan of rose gold right now and its the perfect addition to any watch collection if you already have the leather strap, gold boyfriend and silver dainty watch. The Moschino silk scarf watch definitely isn't for everyone but its so feminine and original. My favourite out of the above would have to be that sweet Movado. Oh and an added bonus of all of the above, some even tell time; if you care enough to look down instead of looking in your purse.

Tell me, do you still wear a watch? Can you not leave home without one? 


  1. I love the Micahel Kors watch. It's a little expensive for me right now, but I'm working towards getting myself one. I've been in love with his watches for a long time! Great post!

    xo, Jessica.

  2. My fav is the MK large gold runway watch! I just purchased it last month and love it. And, yes, I agree...the watch revival is absolutely aesthetic and not about telling time.

    You've got a really cool blog here. Your posts are very interesting and original. Following you now on FB and Bloglovin!