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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Details: Gold Accessories

Throw on some gold accessories next time your outfit is lacking, trust me on this one...
Check out the pic above, that is me doing my best impersonation of the drape behind me, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in this instance because the point of this post isn't to admire the lame colour of my shirt which does absolutely nothing for my pasty white complexion, but rather to discuss the accessories. So keep your eyes off of my drape-shirt which blend together seamlessly and focus on the details.

Gold accessories! That is all you need to know. I have been addicted to gold accessories for quite some time because they are so easy to throw on and do wonders when your outfit is a little bland.

I have also been ranting about BCBG jewellery for the past few months because after several years of wearing their stuff it has become the tried, tested and true and not to mention affordable. It’s hardly considered an investment when a piece of jewellery is under $100, and not to mention their stuff doesn't  tarnish or fall apart, for ex I've had this necklace for over a year now. 

And in case you’re asking why I appear to be having a conversation with the little friend on my clutch, well the answer is pretty obvious, I have two dogs but I don’t have a pet Panther, and I wouldn't mind one.

I think the point I am trying to make here is that you should try adding some gold accessories to your wardrobe. And now I'm going to say it, it can take you from drab to fab 


  1. Lovely post! Gold accessories are my favourite. :)

  2. Gorgeous. I love gold accessories! I wear them everyday. x