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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lets Talk Denim

Put your virtual hand up if your staple comfort clothing includes some form of denim. Sounds silly to say that “comfort” equates anything made of denim but I am sure (hope) others will agree when I say that denim is my feel good material. 

I attribute this to the fact that as a teenager I worked at a local denim street store, our wall o’denim housed all of the big names for that time, like Miss 60, Diesel, Paper Denim and Cloth, Rock N Republic, and GAS.  Every time a new style or line came into the store our loving shop owners would let us try them on and sometimes even take a pair home. This resulted in me owning a disgustingly large collection of denim, some styles were practical and others, like fur trimmed flares with a slit half way up the shin were not! I was lucky enough to have access to the best of the best for the many years and I picked up some tricks of the trade along the way. How to properly fold your denim so that it doesn't wrinkle, how to ‘hem’ your jeans at the last minute without cutting or sewing (flip inside out, use tape and iron over – it will hold for an entire day) and which ‘rise’ and styles work best for your body type.

Rounding the corner to 30 brought a tad of weight gain and a dash of maturity which left me incapable and opposed to squeezing into my old jeans. I held out for several years and didn't splurge on anything more than the $80 Mango jeans I had grown to love, but last year I met my new denim friend, Current Elliott

To say I am picky when it comes to the jeans I allow onto my body is an understatement, with all of my denim knowledge and my history of  free and grossly discounted jeans, paying full price for a pair of jeans was not in my repertoire, but somehow  THESE were different.  For me to brag about a particular denim line is unheard of, put simply, I have always been a denim whore.
The pair that got me hooked was the wildly popular “Stiletto” from last year. They made it in so many different colours and patterns’ it was difficult to not collect them all (or impossible at an average of $220 a pair) but I loved them, and I am still wearing them today, well not today cause I am at work as you read this…but tomorrow, cause its Jeans Day J

Anywho, I thought I would spread the love, in case anyone out there has yet to try on a pair of these fantasmic jeans. These are my top 3 styles, you should totes try them out this spring! If you have your own love story with a particular brand of denim then please share with me, or if you have thoughts on Current Elliot as well, then please share. I love your feedback.

1. skinny/stiletto: Current Elliot calls these "the stiletto" its main characteristics are the super fitted leg that is so narrow you sometimes have to take your pants off inside out, and a nice low rise. Bonus points because they can easily be tucked into short booties. Shopbob has a great selection in case you're too lazy to go shopping. 

2. the boyfriend jean: what did I say before about jeans very well being your staple comfy and cozy item? these are a perfect example of that. 

3. embellished/patterned: as I said, Current Elliot does patterns SO so well. Also check out these, and THESE (I want, I want) and these if you want to be more subtle. 

P.s I find that in Toronto for the best selection of Current Elliot's head over to Aritzia or Holt Renfrew  


  1. I love jeans too, they are a must in everyone's closet!
    if you can check out my blog.


  2. obsessed with BF jeans- need a new pair, you just reminded me.

  3. Love this! I can wear most styles but nothing with a low rise....somehow I just can't pull those off.

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