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Monday, March 25, 2013

Nailed It: Part 4 DIY Edition

Most people believe that left handed individuals have a more artistic and creative mind. Alas, as a lefty myself I am excluding from this generalization. My artistic abilities are definitely lacking, while I believe I do possess a spark of creativity I find it very difficult to bring any of my ‘visions’ to fruition. This lack of artistic ability extends to anything DIY, hands on, or involving a demonstration of penmanship. My writing looks like that of an 8 year old, actually an 8 year old would be insulted if they knew I just made that comparison.

Needless to say painting my own nails is a challenge I hardly taken on. Trips to a nail salon are the only thing that keep my nails in decent shape seeing as I can’t even file my nail in a straight line. As mentioned HERE several weeks ago  I purchased a set of cute Essie Sleek Sticks nail stickers and had been dreading the day I actually attempt to apply them.

That day came this weekend when I tried the new product out, without the assistance of a professional and also in a dimly lit room to make matters worse. You will notice from the images below that it was actually a pretty painless process. I simply read the easy to follow instructions provided with the stickers and off I went.

Beginning with a totally bare nail all you do is stick the sticker starting from your cuticle and apply pressure on the entire nail. Make sure to choose a sticker size that works best, everyone's pinky, index finger or thumb nail is different, so they give you several size options which I thought was a smart move. 

Next, use the file they provide you with the kit and file in a DOWNWARDS motion to remove the extra sticker from the edge of your nail. I found this was the most difficult part for me, because I was kinda ripping the sticker as I did this. 

This was my finished product, I only applied the stickers to two fingers on each hand because I wasn't sure how it would look on every single one. I then painted the remaining nails a nice light pink.

You probably noticed the stickers were not very flat, they were a bit bumpy and peeling from the tip of the nail. I then proceeded to shower and hours later they were peeling off also from the cuticle. I was heading out for a bday celebration for a friend of mine and they managed to last through dinner but I ended up peeling them off because they were getting stuck in my hair and down right pissing me off.  I guess my conclusion is that the stickers are not for me. Not to say that if applied by someone with more beauty or DIY skill they wouldn't turn out just great.

A friend recommended I try out the Sally Hansen  Nail Effects saying they lasted an entire week when she tried them out recently. 

Does anyone else out there have a recommendation or perhaps a tip on how to apply them better? I have half a pack left and will consider trying once more so that they don't go to waste. While I know doing your own nails is hardly considered a proper DIY this was my first attempt and I'd like to one day be able to say I'm not totally incompetent, so I will be trying again. 


  1. Okay this is a great post! It's nice to see people being honest about products!

  2. OMG I tried this EXACT one for my birthday and it was the same utter disaster. I've used the Sally Hansen ones many times so I know it's not us, it's the product. Don't lose faith! ;)