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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What is Your Spring Uniform?

One of my favourite sayings is "Spring has sprung", not knowing exactly what has "sprung", but fully in tune with the signs that spring has arrived, whenever I hear this I cant help but smile. For me spring brings several definite's  First, the official annual announcement from me that I have gone "sock-less", this is the special day every year where I announce to the world my commitment to banish socks from my daily regime. Follow me on Facebook and you will be lucky enough to be privy to this announcement. Another guarantee when spring has sprung is that my wardrobe will suddenly take on a new personality. I admit that during the winter months I severely lack styling creativity and as the cold dreary months roll on I start to lose interest in getting dressed all together, no I don't go out nude but I do wear the same dress pants 5 days a week and the same sweat top every evening after work (my husband must be thrilled).  

Spring on the other hand is a whole different ball game, not one for temperamental extremes I despise hot humid summer's and shiver at the thought of winter, but spring, oh spring you are so glorious.  If there ever were a time when my wardrobe shines its spring. When asked what my "spring uniform was?" I literally jumped out of my seat, ran up to my closet and began pulling items. See, I have been stock piling spring clothing and accessories since January, and finally their time has arrived. 

This year I am in love with many, many, many (MANY) styles and trends, but because I know you don't have 2 straight days to sit here reading 1 post I have narrowed down to only three for today. And lookey, I even made a neat collage/inspiration board to articulate my point. 

1. Black and White: for some reason, to me black and white also equals stripes (which I know is another trend all together) but I have combined them here for you. A sweet dress, an awesome pair of Marc Jacobs mouse ballerina flats, or striped pumps  are the perfect way to incorporate stripes, or you can just stick to a basic striped sweater. You can also try a two tone sandal  or the super adorable black bow pattern I am showing. The easiest thing to do, is throw on a cute black lace skirt and pair it with a plain white t, perfection. 

2. Up next, PANTS: So profound eh? Pants, for spring? I know most people are thinking flowy dresses, shorts even depending on where you live, but this girl is thinking pants. All of those gorgeous silk pants you couldn't wear in the winter because they would be dragging in slush and covered by your coat are now the perfect wardrobe item. I'm obsessing over pants lately because I feel they can be a surprisingly sexy item if worn properly. Pinkyellow, and pattern are all fine by me, and don't forget my favourite, the crisp, white dress pant, ahhhh. 

3. Blue Accessories: This most likely wont come as a shock to most people who read my blog have access to the internet, or have opened up a fashion magazine in the past two months, the blue accessory is hot this spring! My personal fav is in the form of shoes, sorry I cant help myself I love to use my shoes as the focal point of my outfit and build up from there. Blue pumps are the easiest way in my opinion to embrace the trend. But what about blue sneaker's or blue mesh open toe booties

Well there you have it, please feel free to share your thoughts on these trends. Oh, and also, do you think trends should become your "uniform" or staple items? Obviously I'm fine with it as displayed above, but not everyone may be. Please share with moi as usual, I love your feedback. 

~ this post was written and submitted to IFB as part of the IFB Project # 88: What is your spring uniform?

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