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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To DRESS For Summer

Today, in things I do not own but like to pretend I do, here are some collages I put together using the summer collection from our friends over at BCBG.

BCBG, also known as the store I can’t walk out of without at least two items and wish I could do a mid-night raid and leave with garbage bags full of silky, colourful garments…sigh.

In anticipation of summer I have conjured up three perfect summer outfits. The first would be ideal for a fun day time outing, perhaps a day spent shopping at an outdoor mall, or a lunch date with your girlfriends. The next would be great for a date night, or girls night out to a bar or trendy restaurant. The last outfit would be a great wedding outfit, or something easy and a little fancier to pack for a vacation somewhere special with your man.

P.S…BCBG never lets me down when it comes to their dresses, every week they have new styles and they are always irresistible, hence why all three outfits are based around a dress from their current collection. 

1. How easy would it be to pull off this look? A short dress like this one in a light pallet can be so versatile. You can wear it as is, or throw a white blazer on top for evening and to dress it up, you can even wear it to work on casual Friday.  This one even have a built in necklace detail, so you don’t have to even bother throwing jewellery on, it’s a lazy (or always late and on the run) girl’s best friend.  But of course, I wouldn't actually leave the house without SOME form of accessory, so a simple wrap bracelet with gold detail at the very least can add to this outfit.  FYI you don’t need to break the bank at BCBG to find a dress like this, Forever 21, Express, Aritzia all carry cute elastic waist dresses like this one. 
BCBG Dress
1.Jane Sleeveless Dress 2. Stud Turnlock Bracelet   3. White Satchel  4. Sandal
2. Ahh those wedges! I would never wear them because they are undoubtedly way too high for me, but I saw them in person and they are really a hell of a shoe, just gorgeous! I built this outfit around the shoes the cute c-thru clutch, and orange Joe nail polish. Yes, I am aware there are several different colours, patterns and textures, and that’s what I love about this one.  
BCBG Dress
1.  Aida Shift Dress 2.  Mini Harlow Envelope Wristlet 3. Pyramid Cuff 4. Cutout Wooden Wedge Sandal
3. Again here I tried to FIND a dress that would go well with this stunning necklace. I need this piece of jewellery in my life, and I also need somewhere to wear it, perhaps to a wedding I am attending this June. A simple neckline with not much going on is the perfect match for such a major necklace.  I chose hot pink lipstick because I find it really compliments a big gold necklace, red and orange lipstick would compete with the gold a bit too much, but pink creates a nice contrast. 
BCBG Dress
1. Strapless Draped Wrap Dress 2.  Lizard And Straw Clutch 3. Heeled Sandal 4. Stone Floral Necklace

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  1. Great looks..Love the third outfit though...