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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Round Up: April 12 2013 A Lesson in Gucci

Today's round up is about shoes, but not just any shoes...Gucci Shoes! Last week at this time I was in Florence falling head over heels (pun totally intended) for Gucci. Florence screams Gucci, be it the amazing flagship, the fact that there are three Gucci stores in the span of two city blocks, or the Gucci Museum complete with gift and coffee shop (the coffee shop has sugar cubes in the shape of the Gucci double GG's, brilliant!), the city embraces the fact that one of the best fashion houses in the world originated there from humble beginnings. 
Of course my version of the Gucci experience in Florence revolves around a pair of shoes, what else would I fall so hard for; knowing my number one obsession?  My husband was actually the one who spotted the "sexy" bright, jewel tone patent shoes in the window of the Gucci store. The rest of the afternoon was spent between the three Gucci locations trying to hunt down a size 8 in the shoe I chose as my 30th birthday gift.  Turns out, turning 30 isn't that bad after all...

For those of you that don't know the history of the brand here is a quick run down, before we get to the good stuff, the good stuff of course being shiny, colourful, designer shoes, duh. 

Gucci originated in Florence, in 1921 with the opening of a leather goods and luggage store. The brand prides itself on the "Made in Italy" standard, today 100% of its leathers goods and ready-to-wear are still produced in Florence, keeping with the company's history and dedication to its Italian employees. 

You are likely to recognize Gucci horsebit, as seen on the three shoe designs below, it has been around since the 1950's and the inception of the brand, originally as part of the hardware on the stitched saddle bags. It was then added to the men's moccasins in the 1960's. Nowadays Gucci still uses the horsebit design on everything from handbags, to shoes and even in its jewellery line. It is one of my personal favourite hardware elements from any Italian designer!

Another distinctive Gucci element is Flora, which is a stunning multicoloured floral pattern originally commissioned for Princess Grace of Monaco in 1966. This is another distinctive feature of the brand which can still be seen today. The pattern includes butterflies, dragonflies and in bloom pink, blue, purple and yellow wild flowers is one of the most recognizable designer patterns out there. The moment I walked into the Gucci flagship store in Florence last week I saw the influence of the flora pattern this season was evident. 
Not only does Gucci still regularly use the Flora pattern for silk scarves and other accessories but they have incorporated it into their shoe line.
The colours from the Flora pattern have been carried over to the shoe line this season and the result is a punchy, bright and cheerful line of shoes that cannot be missed. I tried on every colour, pink, blue, emerald, yellow and burnt orange, finally deciding that I desperately needed a bright pink pair of patent leather shoes in my life, who doesn't? 
And here they are, the pumps I chose, in a bight pink, with a 5 inch heel (1 inch higher then my usual rules allow me to wear, but hey they're Gucci and almost demand for you to be sexy, so I went for sky high and broke my rule) 


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