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Friday, May 3, 2013

The Round Up: May 3, 2013

I have heard mixed reviews on peplum’s “They remind me too much of the 80’s”, “They are not flattering on everyone”, “Too girly”; I don’t believe any of these statements to be true.

In fact, I for one am a huge fan of the style.  I own several tops and one dress which I have featured previously on my blog, a red BCBG number with a peplum front and cut out back.

This week I was looking for the PERFECT peplum to go with a pair of skinny dress pants, I figured it would balance the look of the skin tight patterned pants and draw attention away from the boyish shape of my body, not to mentioned it would allow me to eat virtually ANYTHING I wanted and nobody would have to know. Heehee…

My search led me to some super cute tops from Anthropologie, an affordable style from H&M, and reminded me of one I had been coveting from M Missoni….(maybe it will finally be mine if it goes on sale during Net-a-Porter’s BIG summer sale next month, fingers crossed!)

So here is this week’s round up, three peplum's, at three different price points.

Enjoy, and have a perfect weekend! I will be celebrating Bestie’s last few weeks as a single woman with a party dedicated to her! Bring on the bubbly!

1. The Steal: who doesn't need a leather peplum in their life? Don’t answer that! Just check out this beauty. Leather H&M Peplum.
H&M Peplum
2. The Splurge: this baby will come in around $100 after tax (if you live in Ontario, which I DO!) I’d say it’s totally worth it because it’s fairly versatile. Wear it under a blazer to work, with a cute leather skirt for a hot date, with jeans for a ladies lunch, the possibilities are endless. I just like saying that “the possibilities are endless”, it makes everything sound so profound doesn't it? Knit Anthropologie Peplum
Anthropologie Peplum
3. The Investment Piece: investing in Missoni; I don’t mind if I do. Why wouldn't you want this spectacular piece added to your wardrobe? Once again, don’t answer that, because I know your answer will have something to do with the insane price point. Listen; it’s knit, from Italy…that’s all you need to know. And like I already mentioned, if this top goes on sale I will be all over it, like...me at Missoni sale. Sorry, I couldn't come up with a witty simile. Its Friday, cut me some slack. Knit  M Missoni Peplum 
M Missoni Peplum


  1. I like reading your posts. You are funny and you seem to talk genuinely about items. As for peplum, hmm..I'll spare you. You don't have to but feel free to read it on my post. Love your points. Great post!


    1. Send the link to your peplum post I'd love to read it :) great blog you have by the way I've read it many times

  2. I absolutely loved your post :)
    I am totally digging the knit anthropologie peplum :)

  3. I love all of these peplums but I really love the leather H&M. Just went to buy it (so cheap) but it's sold out :( wahhh

    1. Sold out? Nooooooooo! :( check Zara too, they also have a few peplum styles.

  4. I hope my H&M has that leather peplum in stock! I need it!