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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I am back, virtually and literally to the blogging world after my second hiatus in less than two months due to vacation. Sorry I am not sorry I took way too many vacations thus far this year. Actually I am sorry, because now I am depressed and forced to face reality for an extended period of time.

What better way to cure my evident lack of enthusiasm for anything real-world related then shoe shopping? I’ll answer that, there is NO better way! Get your shit together ok.

Shoe shopping is better done of course when the SUPER SALES are on, and oh, looky what we have here, the Net a Porter super summer sale!

As advertised on my facebook page yesterday (are you following my page? If not what are you waiting for? Follow my page here ) they started the sale at 50% off and after my extensive research this morning I have concluded there are still many sizes left in so many amazing styles.

It is very easy to lose control in situations such as these, and I have been involved in several super sale impulse purchases in my time. My main concern is buying before they run out of my size, never do thoughts such as  “Do you really need a second pair of patent orange pumps” run through my mind.

See where I’m going with this? If the shoe fits and is cheap does that mean you should have it shipped to you express delivery? Sometimes we are blinded by the sale, and I am currently in this predicament.

For a while I had my heart set on picking up a pair of Miu Miu jeweled flat sandals. I even anticipated the pending sale and hoped for a price point below $400 so that I could indulge in a pair. (Their original price point was $700 let’s get serious that’s just ludicrous) Now the day has come and I am experiencing heart palpitations, mainly because I have noticed another much cheaper retailer also has a cute pair of jeweled flat sandals, coming in at $99.

So take a look below, I will let you decide for yourself do I buy or not buy? 

1. Miu Miu sandals: currently "on sale" via Net-a-Porter. 
miu miu jeweled sandal

Simple, yet totally blinged out, something about these babies gets me excited. Not your everyday sandal (I wouldn't walk the dogs in these) but rather something I would picture myself wearing to a nice dinner, a back yard party, or work on casual Friday with a fun dress. The question is, are they worth it? 
miu miu jeweled sandal

2. Zara sandals: currently not even one sale, this is just the regular amazing price - $99.00 
Zara jeweled sandal
These are cute right? They sure aren't Miu Miu but they do represent bling factor. If anything I am leaning towards these now because of the fact that they are beige leather not yellow like the Miu Miu's. 
Zara jeweled sandal
So what are your thoughts? To buy or not to buy? 


  1. Da dove hai acquistato questo sandalo? E' della stagione estiva 2015? vorrei sapere di piu',anche il codice...magari la trovo qua in Italia,grazie.