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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Round Up: May 31, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! The first day of summer is officially only 3 weeks away. While I already got my bronzed skin from my trip to the Dominican Republic (sorry, I just had to bring that up) this is the time of year us Canadians flee from our igloo's and try to absorb as much of that hot humid summer weather as we can. 

Not surprisingly this can destroy your skin, hair and nails. (Yes your nails can suffer from sun damage as well.)

So to prepare us for summer the next three week's round ups will reveal my top summer skin, hair and nail savers.  All products are available at Sephora

This week we are talking skin....

1. SPF 30: I'm starting off with SPF because I am a firm supporter of protecting your skin. I have suffered some brutal sun burns as a silly teenager, but in past years I have taken extreme precautions to keep my skin protected when I'm out in the sun. No more messing around, sun spots and damage are irreversible and don't make me bring up the C word!!

With that said, meet my all time favorite facial moisturizer, Clinique meet reader, reader meet Clinique. This baby is a BB cream with SPF 30 (also comes in an SPF 40 which I wear). The reason why I am obsessed is because its also tinted, it comes in three shades and TRUST me this tinted cream is not like the others you have tried. It goes on perfectly smooth and even, even a dummy like me can apply it successfully without streaks. Clinique Age Defense BB Broad Spectrum SPF 30
clinique bb cream
P.S I have been wearing this formula (sans BB obvs since BB is a new phenom) for 7 years after discovering it in Boots in the UK, so this is not a fad or a new product I am just trying out. 

2. Bronzing Powder: If you think bronzer is redundant during the summer then clearly you didn't read #1 - SPF! If you're lathering up on sun block like you should be you will still need a good bronzing powder even in the summer months. THIS ONE from Guerlain is my all time favorite. 
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer

My Roomie from law school swears by this stuff. And although its a bit pricey she got me hooked. It really is the BEST bronzer out there. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer

3. Detox Mask: I don't know what your summer routine includes, but mine is spent outside, hiking, walking, swimming with my dogs. If you're active in the summer you will know that sweaty gross feeling you get after a day in the heat and humidity. If you tend to not wash your face right away or you just need something extra to feel rejuvenated then I think a clarifying mask would be perfect for you. 
Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask  is my all time favorite facial mask. It is a deep cleansing clay mask that truly leaves your face feeling fresh and purged of whatever gross gunk was on it before. 

I hope everyone enjoys the sunny weather this weekend, and since temperatures are soaring here in Toronto I need to just mention that now is the time of year when our pets can suffer greatly if left unattended in the heat without water and care. Please, PLEASE do not leave your dog in an untended car, even for 5 minuets, it can be fatal. Thanks for listening :) 

our Dal's Pepper + Sparrow enjoying a run on the beach in Toronto

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