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Friday, June 14, 2013

My Plus One

Putting together an outfit post can be stressful so i decided brilliantly, that having a co-model (in this case Bestie) will ease the pain of having to pose like a slightly normal human while another friend of mine takes pictures of me and secretly laughs to herself. As you can see from the above photo our ability to remain serious was lacking. But we managed to pull it together to pose "properly" (whatever that is) for several pics. 

After taking these pics I came up with an idea, to interview Laur (that's her legal name, you didn't think her name was actually Bestie did you?) to get the scoop on her fashion picks for this season, her most fashionable memories and much more. 

So check out my interview and our photos below, and enjoy :)

Oh ya and, P.S...no you are not seeing things, I am in fact wearing PINK. I should say this is my only pink article of clothing, I couldn't resist, its DVF, and that is my only excuse!
DVF blouse H&M blazer
1. Jenny: How would you describe you own personal style? 

Laura: “Refined laziness”: I love dressing up and wearing the latest and greatest, but only if I can pull a “Cinderella” whereby at midnight I’m back in Lulu jogs and a sweatshirt. 

2. Jenny: What is your daily beauty routine? 

Laura: Hate to say that I don’t really have one- other than leave in conditioner and the usual brushing your teeth (but I feel like they call that ‘hygiene’). While once upon a time I used the flat iron and applied makeup pretty much everyday, I prefer to keep it au natural as often as possible… pores need to breathe too! 
3. Jenny: Typically how long does it take for you to get ready for a special event or a girls night out? 

Laura: I've always been the first to be ready for anything… then again I am a super efficient person. Even to this day I can get ready quicker than my husband (who has a shaved head). The way I see it, the longer it takes you to get ready the less likely it is you actually look like yourself. How awful for someone to say “you look so good that I didn't even recognize you!” ugh. 

4. Jenny: What is your most favorite item in your closet this season? 

Laura: Maxi dress! I used to hate them. I think they only flatter certain body types, until I just caved and bought a couple for vacation… now I just wish Canadian weather would allow me to wear them more often. I could be in slippers (fashion faux pas??) and you wouldn't even know. 
5. Jenny: What is your go-to for days when you don’t want to think about what to wear? 

Laura: BLACK. Goes with everything- always flattering and can be accented with any piece of jewelry I own. 

6. Jenny: Heels or flats? WHY? 

Laura: Heels or running shoes, you mean? I hate flats. Especially the ballerina type. They flatter a model-esque thin leg, but nothing lengthens and flatters like a pump. And I don’t see the value in a flat for the price paid. But I have to say some day I wish I was in flats after hours of walking on my tip toes. Whatever you do, no wedges!! The most unflattering piece of fashion there is (in my opinion). 

7. Jenny:One outfit from your past you would like to burn along with all photo evidence 

Laura: Anything circa 2002-2007 probably. And if worn to party in Cancun, all photo evidence of myself and every other person who crossed the Mexican border for a party, should be destroyed. We wore clothing that was of disposable quality. 
DVF blouse
8. Jenny: Favorite lipstick?

Laura: LORAC babydoll- amazing pinky coral that I cannot find anywhere. Recently found out Sephora is phasing out the LORAC line but if someone could tell me where to find it, I’d be forever grateful. 

 9. Jenny: Favorite nail polish color 

 Laura: I flock to oranges and pinks but don’t’ have a favorite. I prefer to get my nails “done” so would rather change the color up each time (since I don’t have to buy a bottle of polish).  

10. Jenny: Favorite shopping spot in Toronto 

 Laura: I am actually a hugely successful on-line shopper. With the help of size charts I prefer to shop from home. I hate crowds and hate dressing rooms even more. But when I have to go out or am not looking for anything in particular, I have great success at Fairview Mall (believe it or not). I live across the street from Bayview Village, so I frequent the mall as well, only my success rate (with those price tags) is hardly anything to speak of. 
BCBG jumper
11. Jenny: List 1 fashion item you are ok splurging on? 

Laura: Cocktail Dress or Bikinis. I've always had the worst fetishes. I mean seriously, how often do I wear  a bikini? Once a year maybe? But I will invest more into that part of my wardrobe then my 9-5 wear. Who likes buying “dress shirts” anyways?  

12. Jenny: What would you never splurge on?
Laura: FLATS 
Kate Spade pumps Zara heels
13. Jenny: What would you wear to….  

 a) A job interview: this one depends where to… corporate world? You gotta keep it conservative… Hooters? You gotta hike up the shirt and prop the ‘girls’ up… 

 b) A wedding: Dress and heels (preferably sandals). 

14. Jenny: Favorite online shop? 

Laura: Zara and Macy’s 

15. Jenny: Favorite place to find super deals? 

 Laura: Vegas, or anywhere in the US actually… 

Jenny: Bonus Question ;)  Favorite fashion blogger? 

Laura: J to the N-O. 

On Laura: 
Silk jumper BCBG
Black pumps Zara
Yellow blazer H&M

On Jenn: 
Pink blouse DVF
Black pants Winners :)
Black pumps Kate Spade
Black blazer Urban Outfitters

Photos all by the gracious and sweet Mila of Mila B Photography 

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