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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Round Up: June 17 2013

Here is a special Monday edition of the round up due to the fact that I was feeling a tad under the weather last Friday and then I was off camping over the weekend, I don't know if you know this but, its slightly difficult to post while camping in a forest. But don't worry, I didn't neglect Candy Crush, I am on a pretty difficult level right now and it has basically taken over my life. 

So guess what...only 4 days to go until the official start of summer! Over the past two weeks I talked about my favorite skin care and hair care products that have helped me through the humid and hot summers of past. Today I am going to share my top nail care products with you and then you will be on your own. Good luck young grasshopper. 

P.S all products available at Sephora

1. Repair Damaged Nails:  I am a nail polish junkie. Not only are my nails always, ALWAYS painted but in the past few years they are always shellac'd. I just cant resist, the shine, the intense color, never having to touch up my own nail polish, shellac is a nail junkies crack, and I am not ashamed to say I am very much addicted. 

The result is that after months of not allowing my nails to breathe under the shallac my nails end up brittle and cant even hold a polish. I usually let my nails recuperate from the abuse during the summer months because its less dry than the winter when my nails do better with a protective layer of shellac. The best product out there to aid in the recovery is Julep Nail 911 System. 
julep nail polish

Its a dose of vitamins B,C and E for your nails,comes with a cuticle serum that aids in the nail growth process and contains sugar cane enzymes to dissolve dull surface cells - like an exfoliate for your nails!

2. Prep For A Perfect Mani: Who doesn't want a flawless mani? Of course if your nails have been through a traumatizing dry winter or you have over done it with the acrylics or shellac then you may have bumpy nails covered with ridges.

butter london nail treatment
Butter London Nail Foundation is fantastic! its a base coat that hides these tiny ridges so you can get a flawless manicure. The bonus is its a nice matte that can be worn alone, also important if you're trying to give your nails a break and let them breathe for a bit. 

3. That PERFECT summer color: I don't know about you, but over here I have been searching for a perfect light blue nail polish for three years. Three years seems like a long time to be yearning and searching desperately for a certain nail color. But that's just the amount of dedication I have devoted to building my nail polish collection. This nails inc London color may just be the one. 
nails inc nail polish

Something about baby blue, I think its the perfect summer color. No matter your skin tone or nail length a nice light blue on a clean nail will brighten up any outfit. If I had a summer wedding I would have worn this color and called it my "something blue" (oh that's GENIUS, I encourage you to try it out)  I guess my search is over...next up, the perfect orange matte lipstick. Anyone have a favorite? Let me know in the comment section below pretty please. 

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