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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Round Up: Friday August 16,2013

Happy Friday everyone! 

Today's round up is a new series I am going to be continuing every week for the next little while. I will be introducing some of my favorite brand new, up and coming, and already popular brands that you may not know about, but will hopefully also fall in love with once you get to know them a bit better. Something about that last sentence reminded me a lot of "kids that want to learn to read good and do other good stuff too"...Anyways, I hope you check out the brands I will be introducing you to over the next little while, and as always, have a perfect weekend. 

1. Sophia Webster . Sophia Webster’s debut collection was SS2013 (yes that is correct, so recent, given her extreme amount of success and popularity) after working of course as design assistant to none other than Nicholas Kirkwood!! (You can totally see the influence in the shape of her shoes).

Let me just say that this line was made for me! Polka dots, palm trees, c-thru details, strappy sandals, cute clutches, quirky feminine designs, Sophia is a poster child for not taking fashion too seriously.

About the current collection in 1 sentence: it’s outrageous! Check out some of my favorite items below. 

Finn Rose Print Leather Sandal 
sophia webster
 Millie Black and White Polka Dot Flat
sophia webster
 Maya Patent Sandal
sophia webster

2. Samantha WillsI started following Samantha Wills (her personal account) on instagram accidentally and instantly realized that the designer had something special goin on. She lives a glamorous jet set lifestyle and is always dripping in own gorgeous jewelry. But she has a very strong msg to her fans to not give up on your dreams. She is honest, and shares her personal story about how things were when she was just starting out with her business. Everyone starts somewhere, and Samantha recently explained in a throw back pic from 2008 she was once a struggling designer, doing whatever it took to get her business off the ground (no wonder it worked out, her jewelry is BREATHTAKING ). Her work speaks for itself, check out three of the ummm 345,674 pieces I am currently coveting. 

About the current collection: you can actually afford it! Yep, a stunning jewelry line that you don't have to dream about from afar, you can actually OWN all of her designs.  

Bohemian Bardot Ring - Gunmetal. Its $75
samantha wills
 Gemini Dreams Cuff
samantha wills
 Walk This Way Necklace
samantha wills
3. Swash London 
Each one of Swash's prints is hand-drawn by designers Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka. Based out of east London the duo use the recurring motif of their gorgeous Whippet 'Candy' in their designs from scarves and accessories to the more recent womenswear collection. 

My heart stopped when I saw the 2013 A/W Collection. These are the patterns and cuts that make my heart go pitter-patter. 

Swash, you had me at Whippet. As a lover of all skinny dogs + patterns + silks this is LITERALLY MY DREAM collection. Caps lock totally necessary here people. 

About the current collection: crazy pattern lady is in heaven

Swash 2013 A/W Collection

Their online shop is opening soon, but you can still peruse their collection, read: DROOL over their collection from their site. 

Or, if you don't want to wait, you can pickup some accessories right now from net-a-porter. 
 Ruff Printed IPhone 5 Cover
 Boutonniere Printed Silk Scarf 


  1. That scarf and that first pair of heels....oh they need to be mine!

    1. the Swash scarves are stunning aren't they? I have nick named them Hermes on crack, cuz the patterns are beautiful, bright, timeless, but usually feature a dog of some sort ;) heehee

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  3. I seriously love this post. New brands are awesome, and I'll look here for more! :)

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