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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back To Cool

Guys, I have a confession to make...I really miss school.

For those of you, who just threw up in their mouth a lil, hear me out.

I don’t exactly miss being a full time student, with no salary, no benefits, no free time, and no regard for the state of my liver. 

Even though this time of year makes the acid in my stomach rise and memories of studying for finals and memorizing cases race through my mind, I can’t help but miss back-to-school shopping.

With everyone going back to school today I asked myself; who’s to say one must actually be GOING back to school to partake in back to school shopping? Don’t answer that!

I went ‘back to school’ a total of 21 times, and no I didn't fail a grade; I just attended post grad studies. Anyways, all of those back to schools has made me kinda an expert on the matter. 

So whether you’re going back to school or just going back to work like you would every Tuesday, I think you can take something away from this post. Because after all, fall is right around the corner and you will need new clothes. You will, trust me.!!

Below are my top B2S essentials. Happy shopping, and remember...its time to hit the books, not the bottle. Hahaha I laugh every time :)

1. a flirty short skirt –remind yourself that you have a life outside of school and since it’s still warm you are allowed to dress flirty and fun. Don’t take life TOO serious, just because you’re studying for the next 7 months doesn't mean you’re dead to the fashion world!
Casey Faux Leather Skirt. Club Monaco

leather skirt
fall mini skirt
2. a pair of loafer flats –for running around campus from class to class, to class, to class, ugh, to the library, and don't forget Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Latte's.
Joie Day Plaid Loafer. Shopbop
Charles Philip Tassle Loafer. Shopbop
tassel loafer
3. knit sweaters -  I love my knits, living in a cold climate they are my layering staple once winter hits but for this time of year they can be paired with skirts, silk shorts, dress pants, slung over a tank top for chilly end of summer evenings, they are quite versatile. 
Madewell Oh Dear Pullover. Shopbop
knit sweater
Free People Cardigan. Shopbop
long knit sweater
4. a cool book bag -  I dislike backpacks, and so should you. 
Cambridge Satchel 13". Shopbop
Marc by Marc Jacobs Quilted Tote. Shopbop
tote bag
5. a fun statement ring – because life is just better when you can stare at pretty baubles while you write your first 5,000 word essay of the year.
Tomorrow's Adventure Ring. Samantha Wills
statement ring
Oscar de la Renta Gold-plated Ring. Net-A-Porter
statement ring
6. a new blazer – perfect for fall weather and to keep you warm in chilly classrooms. Also a good blazer is always just a bit preppy so it will get you in the mood to hit the books if you’re still thinking about summer dresses and cut off shorts. You've gotta dress the part of you're transforming from beach goddess to super nerd. 
Pencey Standard Blazer. Shopbop
color block blazer
Jersey Blazer. Scotch & Soda
stripe blazer

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