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Friday, October 18, 2013

Denim On Denim On Denim: The Canadian Tuxedo

Canadian tuxedo
The Canadian Tuxedo....not just for Canadians any more

Right now you may be asking yourself "Why is Jenn wearing so much damn denim?", I assure you there is a perfectly logical explanation for that, which I will get to, but first I have to share some thoughts on the Canadian Tuxedo.

You've noticed its everywhere lately, right? From runways to magazines and on the bodies of the worlds most famous fashion bloggers, the denim on denim look is really taking over. Not just for Canucks who dwell in trailers and have worn the same jeans since 1982, the trend has become much more refined than that.

Its now perfectly acceptable to step out in a head to toe denim look and not find yourself in a "What Not to Wear" street style pic shortly after.

Being the denim hoarder that I am this suits me just fine, ohh and speaking of suits...

The outfit pictured here is more like a Canadian 3 Piece Suit., I recommend it for all you upcoming formal events.

Canadian tuxedo

What I think pulls together a denim on denim look is the accessories. Personally I am not one to spend my time over analyzing my outfits, but my accessories are a different story. I am not really "into" clothes, sorry its true. I would be perfectly content living in a nudist colony as long as I could bring along my three jewelry boxes and my Gucci pumps. Not having to think about what to wear every morning but knowing that I have fabulous shoes, a bunch of rings and a quality silk scarf is my kinda of life. 

I know we all have been there, standing in our closet with literally "nothing to wear", I try my best to avoid that entirely but purchasing lots of denim, and black and white so that my clothing choices are easy as hell.

I suggest you give it a try for a bit, let your accessories be the inspiration for your outfit for at least one day next week and see where it takes you. 

blue suede pumps

As for the Canadian Tuxedo, try not to be afraid, take out two pieces of denim from your closet (you don't have to start with 3 right away, baby steps), and pair them together with a fun pump and there you have it.

Canadian tuxedo

P.S these pumps are GUESS, similar here (on SALE)

In case you're looking to go on a wild denim shopping spree here a few of my favorites currently out there right now, just waiting to be moved into your closet.
guess jean jacket
Guess Brittney Denim Jacket With Contrast Sleeves
black skinny jeans

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  1. Love the way you styled this! The turquoise and red coral with the denim <3