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Monday, October 28, 2013

From The Front Lines....Of Fashion Week

davi dixon

The Spring/Summer 2014 collections, as witnessed and reported by yours truly....

I'm not Jeanne Beker, but nonetheless I am going to attempt to offer up my first of hopefully many fashion week reviews. So sit back, relax and enjoy, or don't, whatever, day dream of puppies or tropical vacations for all I care, but at least look at the pretty pictures I have posted here, OK!
cara cheung
This look from Cara Cheung started a buzz over the bright neon green leather. 
Fashion week has come and gone, and as previously mentioned HERE I was in attendance for the very first time. What I discovered after 6 days of shows is the distinct vision and designs of each collection really stand out from one another, even 40 shows in you can almost look at an outfit and guess which designer sent it down the runway. Which means that as a spectator you never get bored. There is something for everyone, from fur, to floral, pastels, black and white pattern, monochromatic head to toe, perforated vegan leather and beaded gowns, I saw it all. And yes, I want it all!
caitlin power
Serious looks from the Caitlin Power show
I managed to take in 22 designer collections, that's a lot considering I worked my day job every day, then hustled down to Toronto for the shows. I would love to cover every show I saw, but I don't know if you would love to read a post that goes on for 5 days, so instead I encourage you to check out the World MasterCard Fashion Week site, where all the collections are currently up for your viewing pleasure. But first, please take a look below where I have round up my favorites for you. 

About half way through the week most the the media was commenting that there was a serious lack of color on the runway. I guess I was OK with this, since I am huge fan of black and white combo's. A few of my favorite b/w looks came courtesy of Pink Tartan.
pink tartan
Pink Tartan
pink tartan
Perforated leather for spring wooohooo
Pink tartan
Black and white perfection
Maybe you're not a huge fan of black and white but you still like to keep things classy and neutral. Well then, let me introduce you to Matthew Gallagher. I would break my "never wear pink" rule for this collection, honestly.
THAT skirt!
Finale at Matthew Gallagher
OK, so you're more of an attention grabbing super confident chick and you like to channel your inner Katty Perry from time to time ? You would have loved Mikhael Kale.
mikhael kale
Although I cant relate, maybe some of you have several fancy-ass gala's to attend in 2014. Even if you're not I think you will appreciate the genius that is Mikael D. I am pretty sure everyone's jaw hit the floor when the show started, the gowns were absolutely unlike anything I had ever seen in person before. And it was the perfect way to close out fashion week, at 9 Pm on Friday most of us were exhausted, I will admit I wanted to leave but was convinced otherwise and I am lucky I stayed.
The opening look!!!

Which collection was my favorite? Joe Fresh. Seriously, the high energy show and the collection of clothing that I know I will be able to afford and wear EVERYWHERE come spring made me really,really happy. Also, models wore were sexy black shiny pumps with a bright orange sole.Come to mama!!
joe fresh

joe fresh
Here's the thing, I really need that skirt!
So that's that, and oh ya, Target brought along Bullseye and his famous dog walker, but more on that later this week... 

New Girl, over and out.

Photos courtesy of World MasterCard Fashion Week  

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