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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let it Snow: Target Style

target runway show

Not to induce panic and cold sweats but....Christmas is only 57 days away...

#MyKindOfHoliday, that was the hash-tag of choice for Target's first ever runway show at Toronto fashion week. It had me thinking about what my ideal holiday would include (a lot more carbs) , strictly speaking fashion of course. In my holiday fantasy Miuccia Prada is Santa (girl power) and she gracefully drops down my chimney with a large matelasse leather Miu Miu bag stuffed with her current collection's suede and leather peep-toe sandals...in silver. Then we share a nice bottle of Wine, naturally, since us Italians prefer this over Eggnog.
miu miu sandals
Turns out Target's holiday fantasy differs vastly from mine. In their world there is snow (they made it snow for the show, indoors of course, don't panic just yet) and lots of layers, sadly no open toe suede, but a bunch of cute plaid and knit sweaters to make up for it. 
target runway show
Target also brought along a very special guest with them....Bullseye the albino bull terrier. Oh ya, and supermodel Erin Wasson was the dog walker. In case you were wondering how Target Canadian-ified the show for us Canucks, then look no further, I have your answer right here!
target runway show
Yes that's right, Beaver Canoe! That's not vintage ladies and gents, Target currently has a collection of Beaver Canoe appeal, accessories and home decor. I must get my hands on that sweater! In my opinion the Target runway looks were perfectly styled, fine they were not exactly designer, and much of the media present was unhappy that Target didn't use the opportunity to showcase any of their designer collaborations, such as the upcoming Peter Pilotto for Target. And yeah, we were gathered for Spring/Summer 2014 collections and instead were transported to a winter wonderland, but I'm not complaining. 

Personally the show re-sparked my interest in the store. I had visited a few of the new Canadian locations several times, always leaving empty handed. I just haven't fallen in love with any of the clothing, until I saw the runway show. 

The true test will be to see if all of those hot items are available in the Canadian stores. I will be on the hunt this weekend for several of the outfits from the show. Specifically these ones...and I will report back on my findings.
target runway show

target runway show

Since my fashion strategy is always to mix designer accessories with not-so-designer clothing I think its time I gave Target a second chance. 

Target's motto is Expect More, Pay Less...do you think that rings true with their current selection and quality of clothing and accessories? I would love to hear your take on Target, have you been able to score any amazing deals on great looking clothing such as the items pictured on the runway?

What will you be wearing these holidays? Feel free to share your holiday fantasy, and try not to steal mine, Miuccia may be too drunk to visit your home after I''m through with her. 

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